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I don't know much about cryptocurrency but I opened an account with Coinbase recently because one of the things I promote gave me the choice of being paid with Paypal, a check in the mail or Bitcoin. My Paypal account has been frozen since 2006 and they somehow know it's me when I open another one. I don't trust the postal service not to lose my mail.Coinbase gave me $5 in Bitcoin for opening an account. In only 3 weeks it's up to $6.31 .I watched several short videos tonight and they gav
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Just a reminder. It's the time of year to get your flu vaccination shot.With everybody's attention focused on the China virus it's easy to forget that the regular old flu can make you very sick or even kill you.I can remember 3 times when I had the flu. Not just a bad cold but where I felt so bad that I wondered if dying would be better. Was in 1974. I laid in bed for over a week before I felt good enough to walk into the kitchen and fix a can of chicken noodle soup.1987 it put me in the
It beats the hell out of getting a job.Most people start with what they want to write about and then try to think of a catchy title. I do it the other way around so I have no idea what I want to say. But be assured, I will think of something. I'm watching #2 Alabama vs #3 Georgia. They call Georgia the Dawgs. They call Alabama the Crimson Tide. I want a name when I lose. Opposing fans also call Alabama the Gumps. So that's all I got. Truth is I don't much feel like writing. O
What does that mean? I have no idea but the phrase just popped into my head. Is there anyway to make something out of nothing and tie it together? We'll see. Or at least I'll see. None of my followers have been getting email notifications that I even posted to my WA blog. It's either a glitch in the system or I'm on double secret probation for some unknown transgression. I posted a post for over 100 straight days when I first joined. Some people seemed to like my posts. At fir
I'm Back! Delta knocked out my internet connection Friday Night and Cox just now got around to fix it.In the 1849 California Gold Rush most would be strike it rich miners went broke The people who made the most money were the people who sold the miners their tools. Picks, pans, sluces, mules, clothes and a bunch of other stuff they needed.Ir works the same way with online marketing. Every would be marketer needs the tools of his or her trade. This is especially true in the MMO niche bu
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Is it too politically incorrect to paraphrase Dixie? We used to sing it at assemblies in high school. I went to Robert E Lee High School. Of course it's not called Robert E Lee anymore.But that's not the point of this post. The point is I suck at social media marketing. Watching paint dry is more interesting. A former girlfriend used to spend a lot of time n Facebook. Her mind was Tiffany twisted, she wrecked my Mercedes-Benz. She had lots of pretty, pretty boys, she calls friend
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October 08, 2020
Oh, no. Not again. Projected path of Hurricane Delta has shifted slightly to the west and now seems like it will hit tomorrow on the southwest Louisiana coast. Very bad new for the people of Lake Charles which was devastated only a month and a half ago. Projactions also show it headed to the northeast after landfall which will bring tropical storm weather to my city, Baton Rouge. I don't wish a disaster on anybody but please go somewhere else and leave us alone. Go west. There's pl
September 20, 2020
You've heard of a triple threat player. A player who can hit, field and steal bases all very well. Similarly in football a triple threat player is one who can run, catch and return punts and kickoffs.Well, it seems like almost overnight have become a 4 threat player. I started marketing on Tik Tok just about a week ago. Then I heard that Tik Tok would no longer work in the USA after today (Sunday) so I looked for alternatives. I found Byte, an app by the people who brought us Vine.
I bought you a brand new Mustang, Ride far away from here. Ride Sally Ride.I wonder if Sally Ride's fellow astronaughts teased here by singning Mustang Sally.But Holy Cow, give us a break. Laura just about destroyed Lake Charles not 2 weeks ago. Now Sally's sneakin' throught the alley.Is all this a function of the 2020 curse? The year started out great. Early January saw LSU finish off a 15-0 season and the national championship in the greatest season ever by a college football team.
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about having been a software junkie and all the money I have spent on apps, some worthless and some well worth the money.Well. it seems like old habits die hard. And with a vengeance. Here is a rundown of the apps I have bought and programs I have joined since joining Wealthy Affiliate:Doodly - $57 An app that you can have a hand writing on a whiteboard with the option of background music and doing a voiceover. Now that I have found out that you have to do