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No, I'm not going to play a Chuck Berry song. I want to talk about information overload. There is way more information comeing at us 24/7/365 than anybody can process. Not only the internet and TV but right here on Wealthy Affiliate. How many official training modules are there in all the courses? I'm not going to take the time to count them.And then there is all the training that members post. Probably thousands of them. When I see one that I think might be something i want to l
Does anybody remember the old NFL films narrated by John Facenda? He was referred to as The Voice of God for the way he made football sound like a life and death struggle. He is credited with the phrase "The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field" referring to the famous Ice Bowl, the 1967 NFL championship game between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. The temperature was minus 13 that day in Green Bay, Wisconsin and with the wind coming off of the lake the wind chill made it seem muc
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October 30, 2020
To eat too much is called pigging out. Don't make a pig of yourself.A weiner wrapped in dough and fried is call a pig in a blanket. If you put a stick in it it's called a corn dog. Use sausage instead of frankfurters and it's a kolache.Radical leftists call the police pigs. A pig can also be called a hog. If you are messy somebody might say you live like a hog. Eating way to much is making a hog of yourself. If you never clean up somebody could say your house looks like a pig s
I want to go back to 1999 but it seems that I have lost the keys to my DeLorean.1999 was a good year. I was making lots of money, had a paid for house, a new truck and a convertablle sports car as well as a boat. I was fit enough to play bssketball and tennis. Now all I ever play is golf. And the radio. I was 21 years younger. I ate at nice restaurants frequently and went to bars just to hang out and talk to people. I went to concerts to hear big name bands.Let's face it. 2020 suc
October 29, 2020
Why is a fast hurricane a good thing? Because it came in and left in a short time causing a minamum of damage in New Orleans. I live about 80 miles east of New Orleans and all we got was a bit of rain. A couple of weeks ago thousands of people were without power for several days from Delta even though the eye passed 150 miles to the west, once again causing devastion in the Lake Charles area. Lake Charles, if you rememeber, had suffered greatly from Laura only a few weeks previously.
Unlike war, Warriors + is good for more that absolutely nothing. Say it again y'all..Warriors + is an affiliate network and much like Clickbank and JVZoo offers digital products. Some are pure junk and some are pretty good. As a stone cold software junkie I keep buying stuff. Most of them are priced from $12 to $17 although I got one for $7 and one for $37. The $37 product was Doodlemaker and it's not only better and easier to use than Doodly it's $30 cheaper. Due to the fact that I'
October 26, 2020
2020 has been a disaster for everyone but it seems to have singled out Louisiana for special mistreatment. We already know that the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell hates the Saints (upheld blatent bad call that kept the 2018 Saints from going to the Superbowl.) Is it possible that he is in charge of the weather too?Zeta's projected path now predicts it to hit Grand Isle, a barrier island fishing village I have been to many, many times. Grand Isle is about half the size it was 50 y
October 24, 2020
If you have a 9 go 5 job making $50,000 a year working 40 hours a week and you had a chance to own a business where you could make a little more but would have to work 70 or 80 hours a week which would you choose?Subway has more franchises than any company in the world, even more than McDonalds. That's because the franchise fee is low enough that a lot of people can afford it. Unless you are rich enough to buy multiple franchises and hire a general manager to run it what you have done is
is drier than the Texas sand.Texas country singer Jerry Jeff Walker dead at 78.Up against the wall Redneck Mother
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Twenty years ago today, Sgt Pepper taught the band to playBut it's not the same old song, it's got a different feeling now who is gone?Who could have foreseen this? Nostradamus has been dead for 517 years.Nostradamus considered that in 2020 a new era will begin, both in terms of the calendar, but also realistically.If you use this content (in english or translated), please add a link to the source ! have you gone Doc Brown and Ma