My End of Week Activities, what are yours.

Last Update: May 06, 2022

My Thursday is Your Friday.

At the end of every week I like to sit down and see what I have done and what I am doing and where am I going for the next week.
What do you do to keep yourself on track, do you have a plan or is it ad hoc. I am always looking for better ways of doing things.
So I would love to know how you plan for the week ahead. Is it a fixed or flexible schedule.If something doesn't happen, do you re-arrange it or just forget about it. Would love to know.

What I do.

Every week I sit down on Thursday evening and see what I have done, I have the Microsoft Task tool on my computer which helps me keep track of the blogs and blogs I do through the month.
Alexa is my second wife telling me what I have to do on a daily basis. Write that post, take out the garbage, shoot that video and do the dishes. Lol.
But it really helps me focus on my daily goals are. Then I have my weekly tasks. That is my Dad. He, like I am now, was a man of lists. He was sometimes "Brahms and Liszt" but instilled in me the list habit that I still carry with me.

At the end of every week I review my notes. And yup, sorry Simone..hehe, I go through a notebook a week. I update all the things I have done and the things I have not done.

I follow through.
Then I have my quarterly and yearly goals. But this is not about that today. My background is reporting to board room level, which I had to do monthly. I can hear you going oohhh ...soo what..haha..and I think the same. However it did give me great tools I can use in this business.

I am primarily an action man...tada..Peter pan. I wash the pans and pots, should see my wife. I like to write and do the ground floor stuff. I will push the broom or the pen to help, and I will push that broom the best I
Sorry I'm getting carried away. ( It has been a strange day for me).
My point in all of this is what do you do to keep track of your business and how do you plan for the week ahead.

There are so many exceptional people in this WAnderful community I want to tap your knowledge, I would love to see and hear what you do.
The Zoop.

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WBlaisure Premium
No plans Zoop.
My interactions with needy people require a flexible format.

That's what happens when you are a retired minister.

Still working WA tho it's been sporadic lately. Too many needy people. Especially when you add the honey do list.

Not complaining, just saying.

"It all comes out in the wash."
Zoopie Premium
Haha, the “ honey do list” .
And if we tried that, could you imagine.
“ Hi sweetie, I’ve gat a few things I’d like you to do today. First can you wash my car…etc” lol.

As a minister, do you ever “retire” I bet you are continually called upon to be active somewhere.
Darutin Premium

I do what most other married men do; I don't take orders but I do obey all requests.

I don't do lists, don't have a diary and like the wife says, the only thing I have ever done on paper is my Final Will and Testament!

Everything else is top-story, hidden in grey-matter. But make no mistake; I can tell you exactly where to find what on my working desk (provided the missus did not go past there with the vacuum and a duster).

Every morning when I take the dogs for a walk I cycle through my mental notes of what needs to be done for that day.
Not much one can do about yesterday and tomorrow is promised to no one.

However, my motto is; the day is done when the paper work is done, and it better be at least two hours short of Cinderella-time.

I admire people who can function within the "boundaries" of their lists, but have witnessed just too many a time where people did not include time for family, friends, and themselves on their list.

Zoopie Premium
‘She who must be obeyed “ always comes first and I agree, we need a balanced life…
Lists work for some and not for others, me…I’m a list sort of guy.

And somedays I list as
Dhind1 Premium Plus
I am no where near this organized. I do make lists, and check them off, but I often make new lists that sit on top of the old ones. Sometimes, I have the clean house....

I still write most things down on paper, so maybe using something like Microsoft Tasks to see how much I am gaining each week would be a help.

Zoopie Premium
I am pretty unfocused, that’s why I need the lists.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Makes sense.

FrankB-1 Premium Plus
You are quite organized, Stephen!

I make a schedule in my Google Calendar app of things I would like to accomplish, 1 to 2 weeks in advance. This includes WA tasks plus everything else going on in my life.

I try to stay as organized as possible and do this best I can with all the unexpected obligations and situations that inevitably pop up.

I think the key to being as productive as possible is to be organized but flexible.

drjec Premium
Your post caused me to realize that I am pretty good at laying out plans for my day but I don't do longer term planning much anymore. I certainly am not reviewing things at the end of the day to see how I did. I only look at what is left. This post has me thinking that I should get back to planning and evaluating on a regular basis. Thanks.