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Hi there,

Came here via everybodies favourite bum. Glad I was paying attention. Thanks to him I also managed to snag a scholarship for a paid media course since I clicked through his link and left a comment on a blog they liked. So, hey, this is pretty good just for signing up for some free email advice yah?

Been cruising through that forum too, filled with sage advice. Since I'm temporarily short of cash - yea, cruizing WA jobs for something - I will be gleening all the info I can from both here and the other forum....then when the time is right I will take over the world *mah ha ha*

I'm really not a car fan, just happened to have a near death experience in a Ford Zodiac when I was a nipper. Life is feeling....a bit like that! Sure is great to still be here and so much to be greatful for : )

Have been checking out some of the posts/tutorials/etc and clicked through to STF. Not put off by the posts I reckon I can make a go of it. Planning to be here a while.
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VictoriaNTC Premium
Hello Zodiac.
Yes, we do have much to be thankful for! I agree!
Thank you for being my Buddy!
If you need anything, I am here!
klrrider Premium
Buddied up and thanks for the invite... had a near death experience myself in a Ford Torino...
idm Premium
Welcome aboard, thanks for the add Zodiac.
Ezinewriter Premium
Welcome to WA!