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After Google decimated my traffic for my MMO site in June, I concentrated more on my niche affiliate website. My traffic exploded around November and this meant I have just had my best 30 days as an Amazon affiliate.The training here works, it took me a while but finally I am seeing the results, my one advice? Dont give up!! Oh yeah, my MMO site traffic started to pick up as well ( I hardly work on the site anymore ) and making a couple of hundred dollars a month.All the best
September 04, 2019
First off, I want to say that this decision has not been taken lightly, I still think this is one of the best affiliate marketing communities on the internet and the service on the whole is first-rate. Also, Kyle and Carson are probably two of the most ethical internet marketers and of the reasons I stayed on for as long as I have.However, the reason for my leaving is that one of the best features of WA, which was its hosting has consistently given me problems this year. I thought maybe it woul
July 27, 2019
So, my last blog post had both good and bad news, bad news about my MMO site and its declining traffic but good news about my niche website thats getting ranked quickly. Today I published a post and it jumped to number 2 on the first page of Google. Definitely will concentrate on this website from now on.
Hey, so anyone who may have seen a drastic decline in traffic from the Google update in June, has anyone seen any positive movement to recovery? I'm especially interested to find out about sites that are in the MMO niche.I personally think Google are making it harder to rank these sites because they are referred to YMYL sites or Your Money or Your Life. If it's a website that can effect peoples wealth and livelihood, it is getting harder to rank. I heard it's even harder if you run a health rel