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Wealthy Affiliate: March 2016

Quick Update: 800 New Users!

I am TOP 2!

Wealthy Affiliate: April 2016

In this blog post, I would like to present to you my progress of 6 months at Wealthy Affiliate University.

Before I continue, I would like to mention that with the moving process, my part-time job and other factors at play, I wasn't able to put more efforts towards my online business.

But you know, what's important it's to move/go forward, no matter how slow is the pace ;)

So, these are the things (both financial and not) I accomplished during my 6 months at WA community.

Warning: It's a pretty long post but I hope you will enjoy it :)

1. Life In Kaizen Style Blog

This is the first blog that I ever created.

I decided to focus on the theme of personal development and success.

The reason why I say "Kaizen" Style is because the word "kaizen" from Japanese translated as "improvement" or "continuous improvement". I like improving myself on many levels, so no wonder why I chose this topic to blog about.

It is pretty broad but I wanted to encompass many things within my blog so I decided to leave it this way.

So far I have:

  • 9 pages
  • 18 published posts
  • Amazon aStore (promoting books and ebooks)
  • 60% Google Trust

In this blog, I share philosophical, pretty deep blog posts on life and personal developments, as well as"journal entries" as I call them, where I share less formal blog posts with the things, knowledge, and experience I accumulated.

2. Online Business Blog

Recently, I decided to create a second blog related to online business and blogging.

his is the niche I've been thinking for a while and since I learned quite a lot throughout the last few months, I fel the need to share my knowledge with the world.

The theme and the layout are completely different from the first blog of mine - but I definitely like it. I like variety :)

So far I have:

  • 6 pages
  • 4 posts
  • Amazon aStore
  • 10% Google Trust

I also learned how to do bio teaser, and that's exactly what I did on this blog as well.

3. Created 12 training tutorials at WA and over 15 WA blog posts.

While my WA blog posts can be related to just about anything, the training tutorials are more related to online business and a lot of energy and efforts were contributed to provide a quality content for WA members.

I can assure you that it makes me feel proud to be able to contribute and help you succeed with the knowledge I have to share!

Here is the list of my training tutorials created so far:

  • Training Tutorial #1:

Blog Tips for Beginners

This was the first training tutorial I created within Wealthy Affiliate community, where I decided to share 5 simple tips for beginning bloggers in their blogging journey.

  • Training Tutorial #2:

WordPress Tags and Categories - Same Word for Both?

When I just started my first blog, the whole thing about WordPress tags and categories was really frustrating.

Especially, I wasn't sure whether it is OK to use the same word for tags and categories. I didn't find the answer within WA community, so I did my research. Turned out that it is NOT a good idea to use the same word (thank God I did my research before messing it up on my blog).

And that's how the second training tutorial was born :)

  • Training Tutorial #3:

The Difference between a Blog and a Website

Having the first two tutorials related to WordPress and blogging, I came up with the idea to create the tutorial where I explain the differences between a blog and a website.

The newbies to online business seem to interchange these two terms, so I tried to provide as clear of an explanation as possible.

Well, at least most people seemed to understand the difference between the two upon completing this tutorial.

  • Training Tutorial #4:

Blog vs. Website - Which One Do You Need?

This training is a follow-up to the previous one.

I thought that once the difference between a blog and a website is explained then certain people would be curious whether they need to go with the blog or website and why.

With this in mind, I created the training tutorial.

  • Training Tutorial #5:

Residual Income Opportunities

For the last year, I read a lot about the passive income possibilities and I decided to create a tutorial on this topic.

Turned out, a lot of WA members enjoyed this tutorial and I myself received super valuable feedback on things I wasn't sure about. So through the comments, I learned more myself.

Just to note - this tutorial isn't only about ONLINE residual income opportunities.

  • Training Tutorial #6:

Effective Time Management Tips

Since a lot of people need tips on effective time management, I decided to share the tactics I use myself to keep myself on track.

I thought that since we are busy entrepreneurs and we all are pretty ambitious, sharing some good time management tips would be well-accepted among WA'ers :)

  • Training Tutorial #7:

Effective Use of Time in Business

This training tutorial is rather a follow-up to the previous tutorial but it is more business-oriented.

Here I talk about the great time thieves, which affect our efficiency and productivity.

  • Training Tutorial #8:

How to React to Criticism

This tutorial was born after I realized that in addition to time thieves I talked about in the previous tutorial, I also could also add another category of people as "time thieves".

This one is a short tutorial about critics and how to react to criticism.

  • Training Tutorial #9:

How to Create Photo Collage for Free

On New Year's Eve, I was making a photo collage for what I want to achieve in 2016. It is that night a new idea was born for my new training tutorial.

Having visual reminders of your goals is a great step to your success.

This being said, your path to your dreams starts with a collage!

  • Training Tutorial #10:

How to Write a Good Blog Post Title

This was the first training tutorial created in 2016.

As usual, in this tutorial, I presented my own researched about the things that distinguish the top blogs and which words/ blog post titles attract Internet users the most.

This by far was the most popular training tutorial that I created.

  • Training Tutorial #11:

Canadian PayPal Users - How to Transfer from PayPal to Canadian USD account

When I first received my first commissions (in US dollars), I analyzed how PayPal works, realized that PayPal has a hefty 2.5% conversion rate and learned about the way to work around this to save my income.

In this tutorial, I present my research and a solution for CANADIAN PayPal Users.

It is a practical step-by-step guide on how to transfer your money from PayPal to your USD account at a Canadian bank without any conversion :)

In my personal opinion, this is probably the MOST VALUABLE information that I shared at Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Training Tutorial #12:

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Do Work

This training tutorial was created when I was having issues to do work and had to use my tips and tricks to motivate myself to do work.

Right away, I thought of this as a good idea to create a tutorial about.

4. My first WA commissions!

After exactly 5 months of being a WA member, I received my first commissions in the amount of 45$!

That was very exciting and truly motivational for me!

I shared this in detail in my other WA blog post My First WA Commissions! :)

5. My first Amazon commissions!

Shortly after receiving my first WA income, I checked my Amazon affiliate program and I realized that I made my first Amazon sale through my blog!

I believe someone read about the 25 Benefits to Wake Up Early, and purchased a great Wake Up Light Alarm Clock product (actually, one of WA top members recommends and uses it, and I used his own words within my blog post).

After this, I could definitely say that IT WORKS!

So happy I joined Wealthy Affiliate community over 6 months ago!

6. New knowledge gained at WA

  • Improvement in social media interaction: G+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.
  • Adsense, Bing, Yahoo Ads (still learning)
  • Setting up Amazon aStore

and so forth.

I love Wealthy Affiliate community for so much knowledge that it has to share.

Every day I learn something new!

7. Referrals

Throughout my time at WA, I had only 2 referrals.

One didn't participate at all and the other one is my friend, who absolutely loved it and considers becoming Premium in the future.

Still, that is something!

PPhew! That was a pretty long post!

I hope you didn't get tired reading this :)

Another thing I love about Wealthy Affiliate community is that I can share my accomplishments here (and realize myself how much I accomplished) and feel the support of WA members who truly care!

Much love,


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OctavioPena Premium
Wow! Thanks for sharing all this great information. I am following you now :)

Keep it up. Cheers!
Calmkoala Premium
Wow Zarina, this is tremendous! I will work my way through it and keep it for reference. Many thanks from a 'still-newbie' :)
Zarina Premium
Hi Sue!
Good to see you! :)
You know a friend of mine wrote a post today where he says "do not treat this course like learning to swim in a pool, but rather like learning to sail in the ocean - it requires more focus, but the depth is a vast abyss that will capture your imagination".
I even wrote a blog post about his blog post! I hope this will motivate you further :)
allchristie Premium
Zarina - great job, even if my head hurts. So much more to do now that I have found your body of work. Thanks for putting it out to share. I shall declare ( because I feel eccentric enough to do so) June 14 ZARINA DAY. Larry
Zarina Premium
Hahaha Larry, thank you for making me smile !! :)
I am pleased to be helpful to the community, Larry! Thank you!
Seahawk8058 Premium
Great Job and Outstanding Results!!

Keep up the strong work!

Zarina Premium
Hi Greg,
Good to see you!
Thank you and I truly hope you achieve a lot of success online too!
See you around.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Great post and encouraging results.
Zarina Premium
Thanks Anthony, I'm happy to give motivation to WA members :)
arress Premium
Hi Kasotty,
Great post!

I'm curious...why do you call it WA University? Can we actually call it a "university"?
WillingToTry Premium
Hi Raegin,

your question came up as unanswered under the "Pay It Forward" banner and I would like to try and answer it.

I was intrigued by much the same question and wondered about the title, which I find is in fact quite appropriate.
If you look at the definition of University according to Wikipedia and other sources the word is apparently derived from the Latin "universitas magistrorum et scholarium," which roughly means "community of teachers and scholars."

Of course no degrees are conferred, but W.A. certainly fits the bill in terms of being a community comprising both "teachers and scholars" taking alternate identities when the need arises.

Kind regards
DonTerry Premium
Hello, Arthur and Raegin
Great response to a good question!!
My oldest Son is a Professor at a city College!! He got one of his Degrees in Computers!!
I asked him what he thought of WA and he said, it is a great University!!
He learned a lot about computers, building them from scratch to making websites! But I was shocked to hear that they do not teach how to Monetize a website!!
WA is a Great University!! And a community of like minded people helping one another to achieve financial freedom!!
Again, great question, and response!!
Kind Regards
Zarina Premium
Hi, Arthur and Raegin - what an excellent answer to a great question!!!
Thank you very much for sharing your opinion on it - yet another new knowledge gained today!
Thank you for stopping by here :)
Zarina Premium
I totally agree with you, Don!!
I totally enjoy being at Wealthy Affiliate - here I also find two things that I most enjoy in life: 1) meeting new, great people/socialization and 2) knowledge - I love learning new stuff! I am of that "forever student" types :):)
Thank you for stopping by, my friend!
arress Premium
Thank you Arthur for answering my question! It's awesome to me that we can consider WA a "university". I graduated with a BA in Psychology five years ago and have kind of been "wondering around" since, not feeling quite fulfilled. I recently came upon WA and within five days became a premium member; I haven't regretted the decision a bit and am only looking forward to meeting nice, professional people such as yourself as well as learning new material every day. I'm incredibly happy to finally be schooling again. Like Kasotty said below, I am a "forever student" type.

PS. One unrelated note to WA but fun fact of knowledge: The difference between "everyday" and "every day"...the former is an adjective and the latter is an adverbial phrase.
DonTerry Premium
Hey, Z! Great post!! You have a great talent!! It shows in all that you write and personal texts that you Love to teach!! and you are a great teacher!
I have learned a lot from you! And WA is a better place because of you! Congrats on all of your achievements in your six months with WA!!
Looking forward to your next six months!!
Talk soon!!
Zarina Premium
Hey, Don!!
Good to see you again!
Thanks a lot for your kind words!! You know that you've played a big role in keeping me to move forward with your motivation and words of encouragement!! And that's important - so THANK YOU!!
I am excited to achieve new things in the next 6 months :)
See you around!
DonTerry Premium
Hey, Z! It is so easy to do with someone like you!! I really miss our conversations!! But I am back,so get ready to Roll!!
So much to share with you, and I know you do too!
Talk to you soon!!
Zarina Premium
Yes, we need to catch up a lot! :D
Chat soon, my friend!
ErichW Premium
Great post Zarina! You've achieved a lot in the 6 months you've been here - and that's exciting! I am going to find some time to read a few of your tutorials! I need all the extra help I can get :) Keep it up!!!
Zarina Premium
Hey, Teaser!! :)
Thanks for you words of encouragement, Erich! I've been quite busy most of the time but I'm hoping to achieve more in the next 6 months! :)
More things to come :)
As for tutorials, well, I hope you will enjoy them and find them useful! :))
KatieMac Premium
you certainly have been busy on the road to learning congratulations on your achievements not doubt you will add many more along the way
Zarina Premium
Thank you, Katie!
LizPB Premium
Wow! Lots of achievements! Congrats and keep it up! Thanks for all your help and hard work here too ;-)
Zarina Premium
Thank you, Liz!! :) always nice to hear from you !
Cavan Premium
Great six months kasotty..
Zarina Premium
Thanks, Cavan! :)
StefanC Premium
You have accomplished many things for 6 months Zarina! Congrats! Can you imagine the level of success after another 6?
Zarina Premium
Hi, Stefan!
Great to see you again!
I'm looking forward to new achievements and success!
It makes me feel good to realize how much I achieved when before WA I knew nothing online-business related!
Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you around!
VSridhar Premium
Appreciate u zarina
Zarina Premium
Thank you :)
RobinHudson Premium
Good job Zarina! Happy New Half-A-Year!
Zarina Premium
Thank you!!! Looking forward to new achievements! :)
Ericabried Premium
Great post and well done on all you have accomplished.
Zarina Premium
Hi Erica,
Thank you :) !
StuartI Premium
Great post and you've accomplished a lot! Well done!
Zarina Premium
Thank you, Stuart! :)
Dmorrow Premium
You're doing a fantastic job Zarina, even with all the other obligations you have - keep up the good work!

Zarina Premium
Thank you for your support, Debby! It means a lot :)
I absolutely love the WA community!
DJ-Yogi Premium
Keep doing the good work!
Zarina Premium
Thanks, Dirk!! :)
anonchov Premium
Great job Zarina, you're a hard worker. Keep it up!
Zarina Premium
Thank you, Alex!
Also, nice to meet you - am following you back! :)
Takatomo Premium
Kaizen - broad name - is good because you are not just bogged down to one topic. If you have a specific topic in the URL and later want to add something, maybe it doesn't quite fit in.

Hope more success is on the way!
Zarina Premium
Hey Takatomo!
Great to see you again :)
Yes, I totally agree with you. That's why I used the lifeinkaizenstyle.com domain - I could talk about any aspect of personal development.
Thanks for stopping by!
AlexEvans Premium
Well done Zarina, great achievements best wishes for your continuing success.
Zarina Premium
Thank you for your kind wishes, Alexander!!
Sheila50 Premium
Hey Zarina,
Thank you for sharing your success with everyone. Good stuff here!
Zarina Premium
Hi Sheila,
Thank you! :)
It's great to share - when I actually think and write about my small steps to success, it makes me realize exactly how much I achieved!