I Received My First Check! (Amazon Niche Site Progress)

Last Update: September 20, 2020

Does Amazon affiliate marketing work? How much money can you earn with Amazon Associates? Is it worth building an Amazon niche website in 2018?

I am sure you have all these questions as you begin your online journey.

Based on my personal experience, I can confirm:

  • YES, Amazon affiliate marketing works!
  • YES, it's worth building an Amazon niche website in 2018 (and beyond)!
  • When it comes to online business and Internet marketing income, the sky's the limit!

In this post I will cover a bit about my website stats, what inspired me to get started and why am I so excited today :)

My Amazon Niche Website: A Bit of Background

You may be wondering:

"When was your website built, how many posts have you written and what are your stats?"

As some of you know I was inspired by Dylan's post (@dylanrieger) and started my first Amazon niche website in November 2017.

I wasn't publishing posts like crazy but I still saw improvements in rankings. Slowly but surely, I made my way to the first page in Google.

At the moment I have 37 posts, a few best of posts, a few individual reviews and the rest are how-to posts. I even hired writers to help me with content.

About 5 posts out of these 37 bring the largest chunk of traffic to my website.

Since I am now out of the "Sandbox" period, my traffic is pretty consistent:

I get approximately 150-200 visitors per day (50-60 clicks to Amazon on average).

My last update in June was on how I broke my first $100 in a SINGLE day.

But today, it's even better:

I received my very FIRST check from Amazon!

That's so exciting to actually hold that check with your hard-earned commissions!


Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Work? (And How I Got Started).

I also have close to $200 made for the month of July sitting on my Amazon account and close $90 already earned as I write this post (which 9 days into August).

So, my progress may be a bit slow by some standards but it sure is upwards!

I think my sales aren't crazy because I am in the industry of digital technology, where an average cost of the item is $500-600.

So it makes people to think very well before they make a purchase. But if they purchase the very products I promote, I get great commissions ($20-50 per product sold).

I just wish I could have more energy to write posts more regularly.

I outsource mostly how-to posts, reviews and best of posts I write on my own to maintain my voice. (Plus I enjoy doing it which is a bonus).

How I got started with affiliate marketing:

Believe it or not, even though I started my online journey in 2015, I started taking it seriously only a few months ago.

I even had to go through the Online Entrepreneur Training all over again to refresh my memory and make sure I got it all right this time.

Then, this happened:

I came across Dylan's posts and his training that completely changed my perspective on Amazon affiliate marketing.

Inspired, I built my first Amazon niche website and it has been my main focus since then.

For those who already have basic knowledge on how SEO and affiliate marketing works and wants to take it to the next level, I ENCOURAGE you to check out Dylan's training "How To Create a 6 Figure Website".

It's one of the BEST resources here at Wealthy Affiliate!!!

(Amazon) Affiliate Marketing in 2018: My Advice

Here is the truth:

In order to succeed at ANYTHING in life, you need to have proper guidance, give it some time and obviously put in the work into your project.

I learned it the hard way.

I honestly can say, up until late 2017, I didn't really take this whole blogging/website/affiliate marketing business seriously.

So, you'll have to work with your mindset here.

Don't let your friends, family, society dictate what to do in YOUR life.

Same goes for your training at WA. As starter members, we were given a chance to test-drive an entire platform for free and then when we upgrade, most of us, seem to not take the full advantage of being a Premium member.

My advice:


There's no secret sauce, really.

You have all you need at your fingertips:

  1. Tools and services
  2. Proper guidance/traning
  3. Community support (just don't get stuck in the live chat)

Do the training, apply your knowledge in practice and be patient.

Bottom line:

Take full advantage of being a Premium member at WA and dig your way to success!

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Zenicek Premium
Great post Zarina,

I cannot even imagine that feeling of holding a first cheque you must be buzzing))

I am pretty sure that 18 month mark you will hit couple of thousands a month))

Well done and keep doing what you are doing))
Zarina Premium
Oh my, you can't even imagine what a nice feeling it is! It's one thing to have income in PayPal account but when you actually hold that check, man, it's an incredible feeling!

18th month is too far away - hopefully in a year I will earn more than that ;)

For now my goal is to hit at least $500/month by the end of this year, maybe even $1000 with all the Xmas shopping. Gotta create more articles before December - that's for sure!

Thanks for stopping by, Eugen :)
DianeWehi Premium
Hi Zarina.
Firstly Congratulations on your commission. Well done,!
Secondly, thank you so much for your post today.
It's so encouraging and it inspires me to keep going.
Love the saying at the end :)
Appreciate you sharing.

Di :)
Zarina Premium
Hi Di,

Thank you! Glad this post inspired you to keep going. I personally always look for success stories to start the day right and get inspired before I continue with my website work :)

Be sure to check out Dylan's posts @dylanrieger if you want to get involved with Amazon niche website!

- Z
DianeWehi Premium
That's a definite to do today.
Much appreciated :)
Zarina Premium
Believe me... you'll be HUGELY inspired!
skmorrow Premium
You are making great progress Zarina
Zarina Premium
Thank you, Steve! And how's your progress with Amazon site so far?

I know you also follow the comments closely (as I do) on Dylan's comments plus we've spoken a while ago - any progress since then?
skmorrow Premium
Unfortunately not great. I keep writing and writing and writing, but my content just isn't ranking well.

We're at pretty much the same point, I started my site in November 2017 also. I have 93 posts. Getting very little traffic on my low hanging fruit kws.

My niche is huge and dominated by giant site's. I have been trying to carve out a piece of it.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. All is not lost tho, I have learned a lot

Thanks for asking

Take care
Zarina Premium
Hey Steve, sorry to hear about that but also glad to hear that you are not giving up! I mean you have like triple the size of my posts (and I am in a competitive niche too, cameras).

If you want you can send me a PM with your website again and I will have a look at it and share my thoughts on how you can improve your traffic/conversions. Or at least send you some useful links to read.
Debbie14 Premium
This is awesome Zarina. Thanks for sharing and congratulations to you. Woohoo!
Zarina Premium
Happy to share my progress with you :) It helps me keep track of my progress AND give some inspiration to WA members (at least I hope it does!).

Let me know if you decided to pursue Amazon affiliate marketing too! (Be sure to check out Dylan's training, it's amazing).
Debbie14 Premium
I will sure let you know, perhaps I will learn a trick or two from your experience. Am excited for you
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Zarina - great post - yes it does work, but as you point out, you need to know how to make it work for you. There's no point just joining Amazon Associates - you've got to know how to create sites, posts, reviews, and drive people to them - or just signing up will have no point whatsoever.

All the best, Mark
Zarina Premium
Yeah, it took me a while to accept that I will need some time to learn and make it work. That's why I emphasized on working with your mindset so much.

I mean I am not a quitter, so I didn't give up on WA within months as most people do, but I definitely didn't take my work with blogging/websites seriously. If I had, then I'd see success way sooner.

But just glad that I decided to pursue Amazon affiliate marketing instead of just WA promotion in the MMO niche.

Thanks for stopping by :)