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Sooo... Did you recognize that guy on my cover pic? Did I catch your attention? 😄Hey guys,It's been a while. I must say I suddenly got a lot active in my life (work, family, health/physical activities, social life). In this post, I want to share how my Amazon niche site paid for my first ever trip to the US!But let's start from the beginning...Basically I have a friend living in the states that I haven't seen for 4 years.She was waiting for me to visit her, but during the whole surgery/
So...I read a few success stories here on WA about YouTube marketing (Dylan, Tiffany, Chris aka Benji's Dad) and I was eager to get started too.I started watching more videos on this, including Jay's live webinars here at WA. And thought I'd start with my experience on making money online channel or a channel that's related to my Amazon niche site (tech-related).While I was "thinking" it turned out that my sister in law who's a PRO when it comes to nails started making videos and sharing on Ins
Hi WA fam,Just another quick post, to encourage you not only help people but if anything ask them to help you too.Some of you may have read my previous post "Remember: You're In the Business of Helping", where I shared how I suddenly got a lot of (awesome) organic comments within a week.Well, I keep getting organic comments every once in a while.But: Recently I got a great comment that touched on something I don't have a lot of knowledge on... hockey photography. Like there are a LOT of nuances
Hi WA fam,I just wanted to let you know that my Amazon niche site that's 1 year and 4 months old suddenly got about 5 organic comments in 4 days.And they were great too! (With questions that really engaged me.)Such an awesome feeling that my website is starting to gain authority and non-WA people do actually comment on it and seek my advice. And then they come back and make your day:Here's the thing:I know that when we start out, money is all we think about. Listen to Kyle when he says that you
Hi guys,So this just happened...I was reached out by someone who works in Ezoic ads company.Apparently he came across my info posts published on my Amazon niche site and that's how he found me. (Do they always personally contact webmasters/bloggers?)His email:"My name is Kevin and I'm writing to let you know about Ezoic - a Google Certified Publishing Partner.We've developed a machine learning platform that learns which ad sizes and locations work best for each of your users to increase ad reve
Hi WA fam,This is a quick update on my Amazon niche site. (I posted a detailed income report on my blog.)Anyway...On October 29, 2018 my Amazon site that I've been working on turned 1 year old. I was using the "best of" strategy thanks to Dylan's posts/training (@dylanrieger).Traffic: dropped to 200-250 after Google Birthday UpdateAmazon clicks: between 35-75# of posts: 48 You might be wondering:How much I made in the last few months?May 2018: $172June 2018: $178July 2018: $270August 2018: $325
Hi WA fam,Just a quick update to inspire you (and to document my own progress with the Amazon site).As you know, end of October 2017 I decided to start a new Amazon site using "best of" strategy. Last month (September 2018) I broke my first $500/month (excluding WA commissions).September 2018 Marks My First $500+ MonthThis month? I made $500+ in 2 days.Online business works in mysterious ways...After Google's Birthday update my traffic dropped (I was getting approximately 200 daily visitors in
Hi WA'rriors,This is just a quick update on my Amazon niche site that I've been working on lately. We all love them income report posts, don't we? :)Plus it's a good way for me to keep track of my site's progress.Anyway...As of September 30, 2018, my website has made $520 in commissions. (Last month it was $325).In a month, my website will be 1 year old.Currently I have 45 posts, most of them best of's, some are individual product reviews and the rest are info/how-to posts. (I can only imagine
This feels strange.Three years at Wealthy Affiliate online business community... Say what?On one hand it feels like I've been here for ages, on the other hand, it feels like I am a newbie and there's always new things for me to learn (which there is).My Online Journey Started in 2015How and why did I decide to pursue online opportunities?It all started during my university years. I was a Law & Society student but had enough scholarship and decided to travel as a language student during summ
Does Amazon affiliate marketing work? How much money can you earn with Amazon Associates? Is it worth building an Amazon niche website in 2018?I am sure you have all these questions as you begin your online journey.Based on my personal experience, I can confirm:YES, Amazon affiliate marketing works!YES, it's worth building an Amazon niche website in 2018 (and beyond)!When it comes to online business and Internet marketing income, the sky's the limit!In this post I will cover a bit about my web