3 Years Later: $4500 Per Month from One Site Alone (With NO Display Ads)

Last Update: Dec 2, 2020


I thought about whether I should blog about it here.

Then I remembered just how much I love reading success stories at WA (still).

And how this kind of posts are reassuring for folks who are just starting out, who have been at it for a while and seeing no results, or for those who are making over $1k already but can't "break the ceiling" so to speak.


If you are new here and don't know who I am, I strongly encourage you to read my 5-year WA-nniversary and online journey here.

You'll see that my path wasn't easy for a number of reasons.

So, while you read my "$4500 per month" post today, don't assume that I got there fast or easy. Nope, not at all. Quite the opposite.

It's been 3 years since I created that main site of mine.

I was literally building out that site through pain and tears (after the foot reconstruction surgery) and mainly so that I don't go insane staying in 4 walls for several months lol.

In November 2020, mainly thanks to the Black Friday weekend, I broke my own record this year. From one site alone. From affiliate marketing alone. I don't have mediavine, ezoic, etc.

(I only set up a smaller ad network that I'll be soon removing because it's not making me money and I just don't see the point right now.)

I can only image how much I would've made if I had email marketing set up and an ad network like Mediavine (most WA members make more from ads than from Amazon earnings).

Stats & Earnings:

Currently I have about 10K users per month, more or less, it keeps fluctuating with all the updates.

Amazon earnings are slightly getting increased since the corona madness happened.

If you recall, I made my first $1500+ per month in my first year with just Amazon only but in 2020 my Amazon earnings dropped by 5 times.

But I didn't despair. Part of being successful is finding solutions and do it fast. So I applied to different affiliate programs and tried creating different kind of content.

Today, the results speak for themselves.

Plus a few more sales from other Amazon stores, other affiliate partners, so it comes close to $4500 for Nov 2020.


While I said in the title from one site alone, it's possible that some of the sales came from YouTube. Still the same niche/name though so I kinda count it as one. I'll be honest, if I put more work into YouTube, I'd definitely have better results today.

Reinvest in Yourself/Your Business

A lot of people quickly waste the money they earned on random things.

I understand, been there done that myself. (Which is why it's important to focus on your mindset as well, and treating your website as a business.)

If you're new to online business, remember that you should keep reinvesting in yourself (knowledge) and in your business (scaling, hiring writers etc).

I'm one of those "lifelong learners".

I just love learning and kept investing in Wealthy Affiliate (or other good programs) to learn more about websites, video marketing etc. In summer 2020, I invested in a writer who's really helped me getting more content out there.

In Dec 2020, I'm hiring an SEO team who'll help me grow further faster and more importantly will help me with all things email marketing - because I don't want to learn/do it at all. I truly believe that if your heart isn't in it, delegate!

What can YOU do to create a brighter future for yourself?


1. Become a Premium member, especially consider the Black Friday offer.

2. Start and FINISH your training here.

3. Keep learning, keep producing quality content, stay patient and persistent.

Remember that [success] is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.


Sometimes you just know that writing isn't your cup of tea and for whatever reasons website and affiliate marketing isn't working for you despite many years being at it.

Let's be honest, not everyone is cut out to be a content writer.

Then it's time you look at your strengths and consider learning about a new skill. Perhaps you'll be better at local SEO? Or YouTube marketing? Or simply being a freelancer doing whatever you're awesome at?

It's OK to pivot!!!

Listen to yourself, understand your true desires and strengths, and leverage that.

Questions, comments, advice? Leave them below! :)

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These results are really awesome and now that you're turning over a good amount of change, hiring out the work and going essentially hands free (so to speak) should stabilise these figures and eventually scale everything too.

I really want to start hiring freelance writers like yourself too as my new site has finally started make over $100+ (currently over $200 for the first time in the last 30 days).

Also having read all your other posts Zarina It does seem like you hired freelance writers previously so I just wanted to ask where do you recommend going to have some content created?

Thank you for encouraging us especially new comers (starters)
Can u please explain more on a point where you say that;
Most WA members make more from ads than from Amazon?
QN. Where & how do you get those ads, and where do you take them in order to make money?
Otherwise, thank you so much.

What a wonderful post! Thankyou!

Your are so right. As beginners we need constant reminders of the success stories, even if its just to say that it is still possible to succeed today as it was 3, 5 or 10 years ago with affiliate marketing

You have inspired and encouraged me! Thankyou again!

Glad to be of service! :)

We are so happy for you. We remember the days when we read blogs about your foot incident. What trying days those were. BUT you have hung in there and put in a lot of hard work. It is so exciting to see where you are now. Congratulations to you!

Thanks so very much for sharing. This is very inspirational.

We wish you much more success as you branch out.

Thank you very much, George! Appreciate your and your wife's support.

Do not worry, even if you do intend to brag, it is a good thing to tell. It is positive in so many ways. So, continue to do it, I am happy for you, and I bet, a lot of people are happy for you too. It is an inspiration!

I hope I didn’t come off bragging tho!

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