How To Find A Niche Market: The Best Guide To Finding Profitable Niche Markets Anywhere

Last Update: November 23, 2011

It took me weeks to find my first niche. I just couldn't figure out how to find a niche market. I didn't understand how people were doing it so easily. I read tutorials and watched training videos but when I tried to attempt it myself, I would fail miserably. Eventually I figured it out, thanks to some one-on-one coaching from an internet marketing professional. I finally learned what finding profitable niche markets took. And ever since then, it has been super easy.

What I'm going to teach you in this article is very uncommon, and I doubt you will find it anywhere but here. A lot of people use keyword tools, magazines, or stores to find niche markets. This a great way to find inspiration, but it doesn't teach you how to find a niche market.

This lesson will be about pushing your brain. It's fun, easy, and takes very little time to do. It's a simple exercise that will get your brain in the habit of brainstorming, and develop what I'd like to call market awareness. Finding profitable niche markets will soon become second nature.

I want you to do this exercise first, and then I will explain how it works afterwards.

The Exercise

Find an object around you. It can be anything. I'm going to use a chair in my room.

Now I want you to break it down into all the pieces that it's made up of. Write what you come up with on a piece of paper.

This is what I came up with in relation to my chair:

  • material of wood
  • 4 legs
  • flat piece of wood
  • cushion
  • material of cushion
  • stuffing of the cushion
  • cloth like material of the cushion and it's design
  • back rest
  • the design of the backrest...

That's part 1. If you did this for yourself, then you've been focusing on one object, but also brainstorming as many ideas within that one object as possible.

Now for part 2. Find a product around you. But instead of thinking of what it's made of, think about different variations of the product. Again, write what you come up with on a piece of paper. I'm going to use my wallet. Here are my results:

  • leather wallets
  • plastic wallets
  • themed wallets (like Disney or music bands)
  • designer wallets
  • wallets with zippers
  • wallets with 3 folds
  • wallets that have change pockets
  • women's wallets
  • women's snake skinned wallets

This list can go on and on. Do you see what we're doing here? We took the market of wallets, and started looking within it for different areas, different niches.

As you brainstorm different products, you'll develop an eye for what the market it directly belongs to is made up of. As you become more familiar with products within a niche, you can expand this brainstorming aspect to identify markets within markets. It will also make you more creative which can benefit other areas of business such as competition or product creation.

So that's an easy way to developing market awareness, the skill behind finding niches. Do it twice a day or more if you'd like. Before you know it, you will be coming up with niche markets everday.

Now you're ready to learn how to find a niche market using common online tools. Step-by-step tutorials that walk you through using tools for finding profitable niche markets will give you a superior grasp of the subject. You will never struggle to find a niche market again.

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