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Last Update: Oct 18, 2021

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Tonight is another sleepless one but no fear, I work from home and can just leave myself a post-it that I will be on time for work just a little later than expected. See if you have a laptop lifestyle or anywhere office as I call it you can sleep in or take a day off if needed but don't overdo it you are still the boss.

My big quote for today is one I wrote in a reply to a comment about 30 minutes ago.

"People seem to get hung up on what they don't know and let it stop them. I find this ridiculous because we can't help learn at least one thing new each day. Choose what you learn to choose what you earn". ~Andy Anderson - Income Legion~

See how powerful that is? "Choose what you learn to choose what you earn." could be a simple motto to drive everything income-related for life. You need to be a reader to be a leader or at least watch countless hours of video but preferably a reader as you will retain more.

Be that one who chooses a How-To in your niche over a Novel for your quiet time and you will find both are satisfying but one will help you further your mission. Choose to do at least one Lesson or Class a day at Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about your business and apply what you learn today so you have a better tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,

Andy Anderson

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Awesome post!

Really good advice, Andy. Thank you.


Great advice, thanks Andy.

Powerful words Andy!

Any day we are not learning and taking action is a day we are standing still!

Have a great one my friend!:-)

We need to always make progress everyday
Learning new things is moving forward
Thank you for your kind recommendations

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