Will you survive, thrive, or quit in between?

Last Update: Sep 12, 2021

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Today I was thinking back on a training I did here a couple of years ago on the WHY and how important it is to nail down that one answer for your business.

The full training can be taken below.


Your Why statement is a mental breakthrough exercise in finding core motivation that leaves you getting more out of every piece of motivational messaging but even more so from personal accomplishments. It's named by some of the richest self-made Billionaires as the key to their journey's outcome. Until they knew that answer failure truly was an option.

Now we will let the training take hold for a minute and go forward to discuss excuses.

Did you know that excuses are like booty? Everyone has one, they all stink, and they can only stop your forward momentum if you rest upon them for too long.

One of the biggest excuses and it was one mentioned by a member who commented the training is I was busy surviving. I was too busy in my quest to make ends meet to find success is a favored regret of mine. See it's easy to say there were bills to pay so I chose to not renew my premium subscription or upgrade in the first place at Wealthy Affiliate.

The fact is I had to borrow a few bucks to pay my $19 discounted the first month here and swore to pay month 2 out of profits. I fought hard and did exactly that because my Why is great and to be honest this is my chance for a normal life again where I call the shots and am able to pay our way myself. Read my bio for details on that.

Disability is a big excuse to give up a lot of things. My kids can be both motivation to stick with it and motivation to walk away as well. I could take a big gamble on getting better and get retrained for an office job and hopefully be able to face my inner demons until they grow up. That would bring security, not success. My, why, is the reason I have to complete the journey I started despite my disabilities and my personal demons.

I can choose survival, I can choose to quit and let the taxpayers pay our way for life and accept only the minimums of a fixed income. Or I can continue to focus on my success and follow this journey. May you find your answers, and find motivation stronger than anything you have known. May your why be the greatest driving force in life and may your journey be blessed.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Sometimes I feel like I'm quitting, especially when I'm overwhelmed with just taking care of a home!
I then remind myself, that I faithfully attend Friday trainings with Jay, and have even picked up an accountability partner!
My mind won't let me give up on my WHY!
Thank you, Andy!
If we just persevere through the low times, we'll complete the Marathon!

You know success is close when you want to quit the most. T. Harv Eker

Great post Andy! I must say I'm probably going through the same thing that your going through. Trying to pay the bills while struggling to keep my premium membership alive at WA. Now comes the question why? Why don't I just get a regular job and just forget about my dream? The Reverend Jesse Jackson always say to keep hope alive! You must always keep an option available
to you in the event that plan A fails. No question that the general consensus is that the road ahead is long and rigorous, however
if we put in the work I am sure success will come and we will persevere.

While Jackson and I have a difference in opinions as to how great he is this quote is very true. I don't care much for the reverse racism he and Sharpton spew but the fact is you have to have an escape plan or you will just settle in for less than your true potential.

Good morning Andy,

Thank you for another great blog post, it's appreciated.

I think as humans we are great at making excuses! However, we know that excuses are not the answer, the only way to move forward is to take action!

Sadly, I do believe that there are many people who are literally just working to survive, this is not the way forward! The only good thing is that they are not being lazy.

Sometimes you have to go the extra mile and push forward and really take solid action. I appreciate that can be difficult when you're focusing on paying bills. I have always been one for investing in products for business, Wealthy Affiliate is one of those products! I know it works and it's great to be part of a like-minded community.

Have a great day.


"Take solid action!" ...
The only way to beat the inertia of laziness!

Thank you for reading my reply to Andy and taking the time to comment, Barbara, it is appreciated.

Sometimes that's the only way, to take solid action!

Wishing you all the best.


My pleasure, Roy!
Today, I was pumped to get back into the swing...My Plan A!
Plan B...Woke to power outage from hurricane, so headed for coffee at my best friend's.
Back home, still no power, so no internet, except phone:(

Thank you, Barbara!

It's always good to have a plan, but so disappointing when the plan doesn't quite come together! I'm sorry that you have had a hurricane, however, it sounds like you did the right thing!

I do hope the power and Internet come back on quickly, it's amazing how much we rely on electricity!


No kidding, Roy!
Now, my cell is starting to wane, so I guess I'll just pull out a pen and notebook, and work on "My Plan" !

You're lucky I need to get net on my phone again I feel like the dark ages when my power goes out. I can't blame the kids for freaking out I get blog sick.

They say excuses are easy to make but if that's so how come they suck the energy out of you and stop your momentum? Jim Rohn said he found it easier to become rich than to make excuses and I tend to agree. You might feel justified when making one but making choices is more liberating and empowering thus easier to master.

The word "quit" doesn't exist in my dictionary Andy!

Sometimes it is inevitable that things don't work out as we had planned, but what to do? Quit??

Absolutely not my friend. Whenever things are not going as we wish them to be, take a step back, reevaluate a little and try a different strategy. Will the new strategy work??

Hopefully yes!! If not, try again and again until something does work for us. The only way we fail is when we give up!

They say quitting is easy and I agree, but looking at yourself in the mirror afterward would utterly kill me so I rip that entire page out. I don't give up so I will not fail.

Very well said my friend!

Hi Andy
A great post. I’m with you on this.
Without having seen your post on”why” I wrote the following which is complimentary: In addition I also have a disability which will never be an excuse for progress.

They say great minds think alike. Great way to extend the conversation and add tremendous value.

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