To Hell and Back my Business Rebirth

Last Update: Feb 9, 2022

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This is going to be Swift and short and likely filled with typos. Fror the last 8 months if something could go wrong it did.

Starting with the sale of the home 🏡 we were renting to a house flipper who just wanted us out to renovate and resell to watching our savings vanish on extended stY motel rooms as nothing was available to rent last year, we have finally been relegated the last 4 months to a small grouping of tents we have called home near a local pond.

I was never so humbled by my mental illness as this trapped feeling as I watched my kids get to experience homelessness. A promise I tried to keep from one other journey there as a child myself just broke or shattered with no remorse.

This last year I have survived all this and a long journey back from Covid recovery and seeing most of the remnants of the business I had built back since my nervous breakdown die in forced absence. I mean in the dessert it is hard to do what I am doing in this post and type from a phone.

My glasses are broke, my spirit took a beating, and for a bad slump of my bipolar existence I spent a hell week that saw suicidal thoughts I swore could never pop into my head.

I am not writing for pitty.Within the next couple of weeks we should be in a home, replace my glasses, and get my first car since my auto accident that began the spiral.

I have decided to scrap much of my MMO niche and focus on my passionate live of sports and thus I will have several domains and assorted sites to sell as well soon.

2022 will be the year I get my disability income flowing and get back on track with my medications and doctors and with fevers pitch and firm resolve I will raise my voice and exclaim never again.

My challenge to each reader of this post is to evaluate the thi gs holding you back. Stop making excuses and living the life of maybe and could have been. Shake that crap off and know you can and will.

Our journey was written much through procrastination and self doubt that paralyzed my own personal progress. You don't get kicked out of homes you own and dedication does not get you a dozen half developed projects. Your story lies in what you decide to accept as a final answer

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Going through all of that and coming through it like a complete champion. I can't really explain how proud I am of you and the way you are handling your life - always pushing forward, always striving to be better.

Wanting better for your family, determined to make it work. THAT is what it is all about and that's why you're fabulous. It didn't rain, it poured and you shook it off and if anything happens again - you'll shake that off too!!

Hope it all works out for you soon, Andy.
And, that nothing will stop your progress.

This made me think of that old phrase.
"I woke up and punched today in the face"

Your fight and determination are sheer wills.
In the face of adversity, you're winning!

I agree with you about our written journeys.
Procrastination and self-doubt are paralyzing.

Keep on persevering my friend.
I wish you the best of success!

I agree. We all face challenges we have to overcome. I can totally relate to that. it is all about what we do about what happens to us. Everything is happening for a reason no matter if you do not see it straight away. Being in the comfortzone does not help us grow. I am so glad to hear you made up your mind and found your voice. To your 2022 success!

I understand the frustrations of not making the progress you want. Having to go through Hell to get anything else accomplished is a journey all its own. Persistence and perseverance are tough just as you are. You have been there and had to do some re-evaluations of what you want but I know you will make it happen.

I think at the core this experience will change my whole family 👪 to have a better outlook on life. Being in this situation has shown humility but also humanity and compassion. I want my children to take out from this a firm message that no outcome is impossible to change and the future is something you choose even when times get hard.

What you have endured is truly a life-changing event. If your children learn this lesson they will be better people for it. I am in your corner always.

I read your post and almost burst into tears because what you`re describing (in some parts) could have been written by me 10 years ago.
Luckily I had no kids and thanks to our very strong and stable social system I did not get homeless, but I know real well the feeling of everything you worked so hard to build security crumbles down and all bad seem to follow.
It`s a time I can never wish on my worst enemy.
Be strong, work on things one at a time, there will be setbacks but you`ll come out of this stronger believe me.
I wish you and your family all the strength and patience to overcome all this. Believe and know it`s just a period, this too shall pass.

Life gives some 🍋 and they ha lemons. Others make lemonade, and I will build an orchard and distribution center from the seeds.

Great attitude, sitting down or throwing your hands up and giving up is not the way to go.
All the best to you and your family, keep being strong

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