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Last Update: Dec 8, 2021

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In follow up the Urgent Care blew it so I have had an extra week of Covid and now 4 days in the hospital. MISSING EVERYONE BUT I am a fighter.

Looking forward to getting back to some sense of normal. Hang tough and have faith snd mountains will move for you.

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I wish you a speedy recovery. I don't know if you are into this but I always turn to this healing Monks You-tube Channel whenever I feel sick, stress or pain and it always works for me. I am not Buddist though just open minded That is the key to understand that your coherent brain is the best medicine and a coherent heart with no fear work well together for health . I wish you again a speedy recovery.

That is so cool that you have an open mind music tones and frequencies have a cool effect on the mind body and spirit not to mention the belief of a speedy recovery.
Thank you for sharing the YouTube link for us all to check out !

*** blessed thanks ... 🙏 ... from Andy ***

You are awesome brother, we are all staying ready to be ready and you are a solid version of the spirit of life in action fighting through the flames.
wish i could do more but you’re in my prayers for healing!
You’ll be better soon hang in there i admire your strength..

*** blessed thanks ... 🙏 ... from Andy ***

You are in all our prayers brother, the sisters are on it and the brothers are not far behind. I see my prayer warriors like big and small dogs sometimes, the ladies are small yapping dogs that wake up them big ol mean dogs that can take a leg in one bit.

You have a lot of love coming your way.

The Zam man.

What a strong Prayer team we have right here, Scott!
Nothing like good positive words of encouragement, to heal the body, mind and soul. :)

I got the ladies on it, and the bit bulls are not far behind. Andy is about to get lifted out of that bed and tossed out on the street into a limo. God is Good all the time. .

Yes, and this, too shall pass!

*** blessed thanks ... 🙏 ... from Andy ***

Hang in there, Andy! You are indeed a fighter, my friend!

Jeff 🙏

*** blessed thanks ... 🙏 ... from Andy ***

Wish you a quick recovery and return to WA full steam :-)

*** blessed thanks ... 🙏 ... from Andy ***

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