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Last Update: Oct 14, 2019

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Imagine you blog now being a lonely little pond, so still and no waves, not a ripple. First the skies grow dark as content flows slowly, your brand is somewhat stagnant as it is really going nowhere because you aren't really putting it out there. Sure you have a Facebook Page and a Twitter Profile but who of any importance is really reading your posts?

Suddenly a drop of water comes from the sky. A simple response to an e-mail you sent out saying yes I am interested in having you write a guest post for my blog.

You have been doing blogger outreach for weeks now with no response and suddenly a new blog, one your size or slightly larger has said yes, come write me a post. Better yet, let's trade post. That drop hits and a ripple soon becomes a wave, then more ripples and more waves until your little pond becomes a lake.

This is how blogger outreach works.

One you are starting to get established, at least 40-50 posts on your site and a small audience built you can begin reaching out to other blogs in your niche and offering to write unique but related content for them. This outreach helps in two distinct ways.

  • One it Brands you in your field. You are now a published author who is guesting on multiple Industry blogs and getting your name out there to new audiences.
  • Two you are getting links built and new traffic to your own blog.

These are two very important things in blogging.

When blogging outreach starts it will start fairly slow. You may get 1-2 post every month or two, but with each new post you can show work samples of post you did for other bloggers and on other publications that accept editorials etc. A Good source for these are news sites like Face and CBS.

You can also reverse the process or at least expedite it with a good press release post you wish to have syndicated around the web on news sites and blogs. A Site like PR Newswire or PR.com can get you hundreds of inbound links and dozens of offered post to add content of quality to your own blog in a few days to weeks time. It will also get invites posting for other blogs in your industry for as little as $60 dollars.

How do you approach other blogs and bloggers in your niche?

I use a general template after having followed and commented a blog for at least a week and generally 2-3 to approach the blogger via their contact form or a write for us page. Many blogs use a page for submissions to separate offers from reader communications. Larger blogs may also charge for submissions or paid post because of the level of SPAM that can come to such an inbox without some form of gate to block the not so serious.

Here is my Template for Blogger Outreach.

Attn: Bloggers Name

We have been following your blog for over a week and have been really impressed by your awesome content. I especially like your articles _________ and ______ and would love to write a post for you on one of the following 3 topics if you are interested.

_______________ ________________ ________________

Here are some samples of my work, if interested get a hold of me by e-mail here ______ or by Phone:______

Work Samples at least 3 of them



Give bloggers at least 3 weeks to respond and then follow up if desired asking them if they received your offer. Remind them of the blog your request came from as they receive dozens or even hundreds of such request. Don't be too disturbed if not accepted as not all will accept your offer. Some Will, Some Won't, Who's Next?

My Offer to Affiliate Marketing Blogs here at Wealthy Affiliate

Guest blogging should start with your warm market. Bloggers in your niche you already know are always your best connections for early guest post. Guest posting is a two-way street. Every blogger needs exposure and you benefit from free content as much as you benefit from getting your own name out there.

Affiliate marketing blogs are bad about not having a share and share alike mentality so starting here at WA is your best route. I will look at all Guest post offers, just send your first pitch to me via WA personal message. I would love to write for you if you have at least 40 post in the niche as well so include if you are interested in a guest post over the next few months.

Please note that I am a very prolific networker outside my blog so it may be some time before I get to your post but we will connect and make something happen if you have a quality publication.

Thank you for taking time to read and submit your offers,

Andy Zeus Anderson

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You are right, thanks again for your publish.

Thank you Andy. I have received dozens of these sort of requests on my sites email. Up to now I've ignored them because I thought they were down. I see now that they were reaching out to write on my blog. Jim

Yes and most of the time you get them through SEO companies so they are optimized post and unique to your blog making them GREAT content.

I like it! Perhaps I will submit a request to you soon. I'd love it if you did a post for my site.

Awesome I will be looking at your site shortly and let you know.

Hi Andy
Very good article. Thanks for sharing!

Andy, I am new at Affiliate Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is the place to learn. You are the man to learn from, so I will follow you if you will let me. I have a lot to learn.

I believe we are already connected but one and all are welcome.


I'm wondering if that approach would work with offering to exchange backlinks???

Backlink exchanges along don't work these days you need a full related post for Google to give them merit so your best be is either Guest Posting or to issue a Press Release. eZine Article is another good place to release an article for syndication to other blogs as well.

Thank you, kind Sir.

Very nice, I did go to your webfluencer site. I have a couple of good ideas to PM and one thing to fix for click through that will help you. Great blog Andy!

I would absolutely! Great post-go Yuma Bloggers
I wonder if you would like a Nurse Becca Blog on yours but I will research first before suggesting topics

Andy, great post.

Thank you Joe, that means a lot from a fellow WA Ambassador.

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