I type slow can I make it as a blogger?

Last Update: Oct 20, 2021

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Yes, you can. Yes, I can. Yes, I will!

Vince Lombardi had a quote my dad would always share, " Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.". Which always drove me to make my practice better than the next guy in everything I did because my dad was a great guy you wanted to please.

What I have found though and this is my personal quote from a conversation a few minutes ago is that.

"Perfection comes closest through repetition, not force." Andy Anderson Income Legion

By forcing perfection you are adding stress that causes lost focus and feelings of imperfection that have no business in the learning experience. See we came here because we didn't know so how can we suddenly be experts on day one or even 100? We are here as a part of building new careers as Entrepreneurs not to be the experts.

That was a big twist for me coming here. I jumped in and hit the ground running so much distracted by what I did know that I pushed my own training aside to help others grow. Now many of them are making 6-7 figures. A couple of them have flipped their first sites for over $30,000, and nearly all have some form of regularity in those incomes.

My practice was distracted by my vision of me and that tripped me up big time. Even more so now that I realize how much over my 7 years with Wealthy Affiliate and 17 years as an affiliate marketer I have repeated this bad behavior. I practiced building a brand over building a business that sounds as empty as it really feels.

SO with the reboot of Bootcamp here at WA I have cleared all my progress checks and cleared my brain. I will be working on my perfect practice makes perfect and will take the newest training with no preconceptions and apply it to my newest blog. I start today by catching up with Jay's Premium Plus 14 day case study and get ready to see results in 365 days or less that I have denied myself through inaction.

My formula for perfect practice is this.

1. Clear your mind.
2. Learn your lesson.
3. Apply your education.
4. Fine-tune with experience.
5. Measure Results.
6. Rinse and repeat daily.

Here is to all our success, even us older affiliates who thought we knew enough to speed through the lessons and found our practice lacking not our knowledge.

Andy Anderson

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Good morning Andy,

Thank you for your thought-provoking blog post, it's appreciated.

It's interesting that you have been at Wealthy Affiliate for seven years, I will have my seven-year anniversary in November! It's also interesting that you have been working online for around 17 years, I first started researching Internet marketing back in 2004! I could see the power of the Internet, but didn't quite know what to do! So much so that I didn't have my first moneymaking website up and running until 2007!

Sometimes it's hard to get the balance right when we are helping others, although we know that helping others is a good thing.

I like your six-point formula, sounds good to me!

Just out of interest, your title caught my eye! I cannot type very fast so I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking which is speech software. It's not 100% perfect, but it's far better than it used to be. It makes the blogging process much easier and quicker! I can definitely recommend the product.

Have a great day.


I am fast for a hunt and peck typer, never could get used to hotkeys and finger placements but still, hold my own. Many though have serious issues with typing fast enough to feel their productivity. This post was to say stick with it.

Awesome to have so much in common, it's a great way to relate our progress and test out theories and ideas when someone has walked the same mile from a different perspective.


Thank you for your reply, Andy, it's appreciated.

I hear you, Andy, I think typing holds many people back. I had a friend of mine came to stay with me several years ago, I could not believe how quickly he could type. Apparently, he had carried out an online course, I can't thank of the ladies name now, but it obviously worked for him. To this day I can't believe how quickly he was typing!

It's amazing how we find various members on Wealthy Affiliate in similar situations. I have an offline business that I'm thinking of selling so that I can go full-time online. Although the offline business is doing well, it's kind of holding me back from the online business.

I guess you started the hard way Andy, I certainly did! The old-fashioned dial-up Internet connection used to frustrate me so much. It was almost completely useless apart from sending a small email with no attachments!

And then, in 2004 we had broadband come to the village, to me, it totally changed the face of the Internet. I could immediately see the power of the Internet and its huge potential!

This made me start searching the Internet for how to make money online. Unfortunately, I spent thousands on spam products trying to find a way of how I could make money online. As I mentioned, it took me three years to get my first website up, with Wealthy Affiliate three years of work could be achieved in a matter of weeks!

I could go on! I'm thankful for the Wealthy Affiliate platform and for my Webmaster in the states who has been a great help.

Once again, after all these years, the power of the Internet never fails to amaze me and the huge potential that it can bring.

Have a great day.


I started with a Yahoo Group on gardening, 1 affiliate program, and AdLand Pro CLassifieds and Forums. My first blog was on Blogger, and it still is my least favorite platform to use, just nothing artistic in it, no room to grow or shine.

I made my first sales in IM, through direct networking via Adland and in a now-defunct program called Money Train, I was gifted a spot because of my content in the forums and a friend already in and doing well.

From there I was quickly swept into launch hopping which made good income but bad outlay. Fast money in was fast money out and profits were slim.

I developed an E107-based social network for entrepreneurs that was later paired with my friend Dave's Easy Search Live to become Kooiii Social Media Search. To date that is my largest accomplishment.

Dave and I grew Kooiii to over 3 .4 million monthly page views and nearly 12 million ad views in 9 years' time while I also grew MyViralBlog to over 1.3 million page views a month.

We could aim that traffic at any affiliate program and make money overnight but Dave and I would split over my nervous breakdown and his change in a preferred direction. Water under the bridge but is an experience I would never have missed in my life.

Now I have a couple of IM-related sites and a small fleet of blogs and a larger fleet of domains I will prep and flip. I am writing decent again and fired up for education.

Hello, again Andy,

That's a fantastic story with some really major achievements, I really believe that you can repeat the process! I know things have changed slightly, but I still think it's amazing what can be achieved online!

I had forgotten about Blogger, I don't even know if it still exists, I haven't seen a Blogger blog for some time now! I don't think WordPress was brilliant when it first came out in around 2003? Thankfully, WordPress has become much better and much more user-friendly over the years.

It's amazing how much you achieved with your blog and work colleague, some pretty impressive stats! I guess unexpected things happen in life that we can never prepare for. It looks like you're on the right track now and can remember the great experience.

I really wish you every success in what you are doing Andy, it's great that you can share it on Wealthy Affiliate. There really are some great people on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, many of us have a story to tell.

Wishing you all the best.


I love that quote, Andy.
In trying to instill work ethics into my students I always encouraged them to seek a career that they would thoroughly enjoy doing, so whatever they did they would be the best at it.
And you are right: perfection can not be forced from the outside; it has to be internalized. Great post.

Hey Andy, I have even given that some thought myself... clear all the checkmarks and start Bootcamp again. I won't need to start a new site. I have one with not so many blog posts on it to use as my new beginning. I have been working on it for the last two months... I think.

Yet, I am still apprehensive about that too though. Not sure which direction to go with. I'll decide or not in a few days.

I wish you well with your big reset!


I found out tracking time how long it takes to write 1000 was helpful information.
First, I write, then read it a few times and edit after that. - Saves time
First, I felt like writing sucks, and 1000 words took almost 2 hours, now under 30 minutes.
The more you write faster you will be.

Thank you for this inspiring post Andy. I used to touch type until a stroke affected my left hand. However, that won't stop progress as I've become quite fast at typing with my right hand! I also use Dragon Naturally Speaking occasionally, but find it easier to type by hand. There's always a way round most problems unless you use them as an excuse!

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