Don't breath dirt

Last Update: Nov 30, 2021

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This is a quick public service announcement that you can in fact breath too much dust. I have had a serious upper respiratory infection for the last 7 days and still have a battle ahead but at least today I have some energy again.

I hope everyone has found success reaching their Black Friday goals. CONGRATULATIONS To all those new standard bearers committing a minimum of a year to your success. To the boldest who have joined us as Premium Plus members I look forward to seeing you soon in the live classes.

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Nasty - those infections can really get you down. I am glad you are on the mend.

Dirt season is just beginning here in Thailand - there will be legions of smoke over the next 2 months as farmers burn sugar cane fields all over the region. (an annual problem).

I will be careful and avoid it as much as I can.


Hi Andy,

Sorry to hear your plight. When you cannot avoid being in dusty areas, wear a mask. That will give you some protection from inhaling the dirt.

All the best to you.


I hope your health improves. I have had a doozy of a 2021. Sick most of the last few years. Finally diagnosed with hashimotos, a thyroid condition. Been on a diet AIP for a month and I feel like a new person. My weight is at a level I have not seen in 30 years. I hope you get better soon too! Hang in there!

Hope your health issues will soon be resolved, Andy ;)

Get well soon Andy!


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