Did you know any niche you are passionate about has money in it?

Last Update: Oct 19, 2021

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I see members all the time select a niche they think they will make money in and soon they are changing their niche because they can't figure out content to write. That or they simply get bored 30-40 articles into writing the blog.

The fact is every niche on the planet has money to be made, even politics, ministry, and non-profits all need training, manuals, fundraising guides, consultants, and training systems for paid and free volunteers. Churches need bibles and printing services, and the latter is needed by all 3 and can range from a few hundred dollars a sale to commissions on well over $1,000 per order.

What are you passionate about is the main question?

See passion will make it as easy to write post 500 as post 5, and you will only feel like you are doing work on your freedom business instead of doing a JOB. This is vital because you might work a JOB 5-10 years and hate every minute of it but this is supposed to be the dream business for the next lifetime. It's a legacy business to leave your kids or grandkids.

Passion shows in your writing and people are naturally drawn to people that love what they do and who have a growing interest in their niche. A person can make as much money in model trains as they can in train parts for full-sized engines if they are driven by passion.

Think about the business you will love to be involved with 10-20 years from now and you will find ways to make money. Comment below with up to 3 passion niche ideas and let the community and I supply ideas for monetizing them. I want everyone to take on this challenge.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Wow Andy well noted, very true and you are blunt enough to say it cuz its the facts! I got only 2 websites and that's all to it as it is my dream and will continue for 20-30 years on!

Feels like you tell this for me ha ha ha, many thanks

A good message, Andy. I agree. My niche is a bit overcrowded, as it's about cats, but if I have passion about anything, it's about those cute little four-footed darlings. I've written 329 posts thus far on my website, and have not focused on making money. I focus on writing about a subject I love; I believe that eventually my passion for cats will lead me to success.

How can I write of something if I do not know much about.... This guy that just talked about men's gardening stuff. Does he know a lot of that subject, just because, he just started gardening? How can he, or anyone write about content of any subject just be looking into the internet of something that looks interesting K


it is better to choose a niche you are passionate and genuinely interested in as then you'd find your content would flow, however in the case you do not know your niche so well, you may review other peoples work and research however all content must be original written in your own words.

You may use sites like Answer Socrates, Quora, Answers, Answer the Public, YouTube etc.

You can also head to Site Content > Templates and look up a template called "Niche Research" would help you dissect your niche starting out.

Hope this helps.

If you like o do it you can learn daily and teach what you learn. You have a developing passion for it you can write stories on your own experience. I did this for a Yahoo Group when there was time starting out and used the experience gained in working in the garden center at Wal-Mart and from magazines and forums on the subject online and offline. I liked the subject but other interests sparked more passion later on.

Great points in total Abie, any niche at any time can be profitable but the more you love it the longer you will be active and more prolific your content will be.

Researching the topic is a necessity!
We can not effectively write about something we don't know about or have any experience.
People see right through the ignorance, that's hyped!

Timepieces from watches to clocks.
Coffee - who is not passionate about coffee. (tea drinkers).
Books - I love a good read.

There are hundreds of watch brands, and jewelers who make custom bands, and chain leads. There are lens replacements, and custom engraving as well as kits for makers of clocks, watches, and music boxes with clocks inside for example.

Coffee goes beyond your normal roast from stores or premium beans. You can promote organics, herbals, Hemp CBD, as well as coffee makers additives, custom mugs, and similar. Even a serving set is in the range of higher ticket items.

Books are easy to find Genre's for sub-niches to carve off. You can sell books, writing materials, guides, and training to become a writer, bookshelves, reading chairs, bookmarks, and even spine repair kits. Kindle Readers come to mind as another big-ticket potential best seller.

So many items to research and write about.


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