Why wa needs a spell checking tool?

Why wa needs a spell checking tool?

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Kyle can you all embed a spell checker tool to the blog page and siterubix and the reply links so as to allow us to stay on the WA site?

I still say we need to still type

An English spell checker might not be tough, but I wouldn't recommend a translator. That's how you spot someone who can't speak English. When I taught, the teachers knew after one sentence who used a translator. Even Google translate, which is about the best one out there, isn't all that good. The English comes out awkward.

Morning...from time to time, there are Notifications in other languages and I feel sorry I cannot help them...know what I mean?! How do the other countries use WA? Just wondering...thanks!

I'd say most people attempt to write a site in English, while some stick to their own native language. I can't help the ones who write in other languages either. Sometimes, I can get enough of the Spanish that a translator makes it clearer. I am still not a fan of online translators.

Oh I agree...but there were 2 Notifications tonight in Chinese...Mandarin, I think. Nothing else...just Chinese! I didn't know what to say...I said something but in English. The person never returned...I probably scared him/her. Maybe I am over-thinking it...LOL!

lol, I had one in a bunch of question marks, one I know was Russian I still told the person Welcome to WA.

True, how do we welcome them to WA if they don't know what we say or us them?

I haven't seen anyone yet except in Spanish and I can handle saying hello. :) I would just say Hello or Good Luck or Welcome. I think they'd figure it out.

Yes...copy that!

Hi Dee, http://translategoogle.com may help with your non-English writing challenges. I hope this helps.

To your success,


Yeah my daughter was telling me that's what she does.I'm using it to write my Christian book in English/Spanish that's why its a slower process but I felt it would be better if I wrote the one chapter in English then every paragraph do it in the Spanish and its working so far.Thanks I saved it in my favorites for now as this is a different computer it was never saved on this new system as yet.

I'm glad it can help you Dee... Teamwork makes the Dream work.

yes it does and love that slogan I;m going to borrow those words

Agree, totally! Good job, Dee!

thanks upsgirl, how are you doing today?

Muy Bien...y tu? LOL! My girl! I am doing my thing. How are you feeling today, Miss. Premium!? Congrats, by the way!

I'm fine laying up in the bed today fibromyalgia got the better of me the last two days trying to get some discussion work in class done.I go to school at 6p have a live chat from 8-9p then do some multiple choice questions got 2 sections left to go for unit 2 then on to unit 3 and the other one oooo weeee its hard but I'm going to knock it out by the 12th. Thanks, Oh we are up to 6 referrals now under us in barely a week here woot woot~

First, poor thing! All your hard work will be worth it so keep at it! Breathe!!! Great on the referrals...YAY!

thank you we got some steps I want to redo them making sure we both understand it since its two of us trying to branch out on these comcepts.Back to class you all have a blessed evening

Study hard!!!

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