Automatic Transmission Noise

Last Update: January 22, 2018

Do You hear at times noises like Gurgling - Whining or even - No Noise.

Gurgling: Usually heard from under the hood or with hood of vehicle open, would be a really good indicator that your transmission is low on fluid. Another symptom associated to a low fluid condition would be or may not be a transmission operating sluggishly.

You may see this.

Whining: Usually heard from inside the vehicle sitting in the drivers seat. Certainly will attract your attention to listen. Could be a couple of areas of concern.

  • If maintenance to your Automatic Transmission has been on your mind but never really was a priority, then a partial to all most completely plugged( filter or screen) that lives in your transmission inside the pan on the bottom of your Transmission may very well be the culprit-problem. A new transmission filter and fluid could bring your transmission back to life. Don't delay this - do It as soon as possible-or damage will occur.

No Noise: and no movement could be possibly your worst case scenario.

  • Providing that the fluid has been checked and confirmed to be at approved level. Then end result will be most likely a broken component within the Automatic Transmission. This one can hurt your Savings Account.

    Rear Wheel Drive Transmission.

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MKearns Premium
It can be many things depending on the make and model!
yarg Premium
As generalizing the certain noises the automatic transmission produces, was to draw attention for the motoring public to be tuned into. And yes You are right about the other noises that can broadcast from the automatic transmission of various makes and models. Thanks for taking the time to comment Mike.