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I just clicked premium membership and it has opened me to many doors of opportunities. I don't know where to enter first... whew! I am glad to have this community that are willing to support one another. And so, cheers to everyone! You are all awesome :). Thanks for reading this blog.
October 13, 2014
Time flies so fast and I am now on my fifth day in WA. Here's what happened in my first five days: Day 1: Set up my profile. Browsed in site and met some friendly people. Day 2: Created my goals and answered the 3 initial WA questions. Day 3: Go through the different lessons in course 1. Day 4: Clicked on create a website (still a newbie so website is still blank.. lol) Day 5: Wrote my welcome page (in progress....) and did a little bit of blogging (this blog) Well, I am doing things s