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You might have heard that the infamously short attention span of a goldfish is, on average, 9 seconds... Shockingly, a new study from Microsoft has shown that the average attention span of a human is now only 8 seconds... Yes, we have officially lost to goldfish. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well then, what does the diminishing attention span of humans mean for us affiliate marketers? In sh
Hey Family! Today I snuck right into the top 200! I was just minding my own business and then BOOM, this badge popped up on my screen... In all honesty, I wasn't even thinking about rank when this happened... I don't consciously keep track of ranks. Rather, I just try to reach out and connect with as many people here as I can. I simply made it my goal to become more involved in the Wealthy Affiliate community, and this was just the natural next step I suppose! Shout-out to the WA community! Tha
Do you have blogger's block? It happens to the best of us.If you ever find yourself struggling to pump out that article, here are some of the things that help me personally overcome blogger's block...Tip #1: Take a Stroll & Breathe in Some Fresh AirThis one's a classic cure for writer's bloc- err, I mean blogger's block. Yes, taking a 15 minute stroll in nature to clear your head can do wonders. Go outside, take a whiff of that fresh air and get some oxygen flowing to your brain.Tip #2: Cha
The Wealthy Affiliate community is without a doubt THE GREATEST online community I've ever been a part of... Community is a funny thing. It can sound like a fluffy word, but it’s actually an immensely powerful and helpful concept. Sadly, it's also often an untapped educational resource... So, why is community so important for us affiliates? Community is about helping people feel connected and aligned... When we as people are connected, we feel warm and good, and part of something bigger t
I'm gonna cut straight to the chase... If you want to become a powerful affiliate marketer, you need to get on a POWER SCHEDULE!...You see, most affiliate marketers are actually very average. Most of them are NOT willing to go above and beyond to take TOTAL power and control over their lives and their online businesses. They allow circumstances, excuses and external forces to control themselves as well as where they're going with their business.Therein lies the rub, but therein ALSO lies the op
So... You LACK the motivation needed to get STARTED working on your website.Well, lucky for you I have the SECRET...Now, you probably aren't gonna believe me when I tell it to you. You're gonna read it, ponder it for a mere 2 seconds, and then disregard it like yesterday's trash. That said, here is a 100% FOOLPROOF way of achieving your greatness... WRITE ONLY ONE SENTENCE PER DAY!!!Yes, I know, I know... This sounds dumb and ridiculous, I KNOW... but bear with me. I promise you that THIS stupi
A common question I get is, “How many websites does it take to earn a full time income with blogging or affiliate marketing?”Simple... the answer is JUST ONE.The Common Misconception Among Beginners...Many beginner bloggers and affiliate marketers have it in their heads that they need multiple websites to generate a full-time income...I’m here to tell you that this simply IS NOT true!!! Creating several smaller websites is definitely a technique used by some affiliate marketer
Yes, you can turn your yearly income into your monthly income.Unforunately, many skeptical people will scoff at that statement and dismiss it as utter nonsense.... The funny thing is, I actually don't blame them... As a matter of fact, I used to BE like them. A few years ago, a personal hero of mine said something that truly stuck with me. He pointed his finger, looked me dead in the face and said, "Koda, I'm about to give you the best advice you will ever hear..."Little did I know, the next wo
Blogging is an art. The more you do it, the better the artist you become. While most people think blogging is easy, this could not be farther from the truth.If you have no idea what you're doing and you sit down at your computer and start blogging, I can guarantee your blog posts will be historically awful....they will be as bad as modern art. This is the natural order of things. Before you can get good at something, you have to really suck at it first.Anyone who tells you otherwise is either l
A few days ago someone private messaged me here on Wealthy Affiliate. They asked me, "Will a total newbie suceed here just based off hard work alone? Or is it possible they'll give it everything and still fall flat on their face?"Here was my response: "I'm sorry if what I'm about to say sounds harsh, but this is nothing but an attitude business.If you wanna win in affiliate marketing, you gotta be tough, and you cannot quit. Somebody's gonna win, you or them, and the person that wins is gonna w