Congrats! You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish!

Last Update: May 27, 2020

You might have heard that the infamously short attention span of a goldfish is, on average, 9 seconds...

Shockingly, a new study from Microsoft has shown that the average attention span of a human is now only 8 seconds...

Yes, we have officially lost to goldfish.


Well then, what does the diminishing attention span of humans mean for us affiliate marketers?


If we're unable to hook our readers' attention within the first couple of seconds, there is a 99.9% chance they will immediately move on.

Every single post you make, KEEP THAT IN THE BACK OF YOUR MIND!

Ask yourself, "Is this headliner a captivating one? Is my first opening sentence a powerful one that commands attention?

...If NOT, it's time to re-write your hook!


Never forget that you are appealing to creatures who have the attention spans of a door knob (myself included).

I'm not saying this disparagingly toward anyone, I'm only speaking the truth.

Either you heed my warning, or you crash and burn. There is no way around it.

It's 2020 people... It's a time where compounding distractions are around every corner...

You NEED to start coming up with clever ways to introduce your content.

Either you hook 'em, or you're 100% guaranteed to lose 'em!

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acrinym Premium
Well, this is quite true... my children's attention span is like... ah geez... I don't even know. It's like you gotta snap your fingers in front of them every time you speak LOL.

For real though, thanks for this post, we gotta keep innovating.
LOA is a great way to attract things including people to you. And remember, always stay positive. Cause, there really never is anything to be negative about! :)

Liked, shared, subscribed. :P

Xoda Premium
I'm glad you enjoyed it, Jag. And yes, we do have to keep innovating! Always strive to do things differently. As they say, different is better than better. (:

Anne68 Premium
Thanks Xoda. Reminded me to keep it short, sweet and interesting, with a headline to grab attention.
I just did an article where, although there was lots of good info, I had got it from quite dry, rambling research and it was reflected in my text and in the reviews I got.

Thanks again.
Xoda Premium
Anne, keeping it short sweet and interesting is the key! Holding the readers' attention is a learnable skill ( : I'm glad you were able to recognize your error though.

Jukkah Premium
Oh man I sometimes feel like 8 seconds would be a luxury. I think I'm somewhere around 2 and a half...

Speaking of gold fish, I read an interesting article in a science magazine about how goldfish actually have really good memory. They remember things for life. Fish also feel fear and pain unlike many people think. And apparently remember it. Makes you think about sport fishing...

See how I managed to sidetrack this completely in a couple of seconds?
Xoda Premium
Haha at least your side track was super interesting!! I had no idea about these facts concerning goldfish and other fish in general. It really does make you think. Thanks for the comment!

LMH1968 Premium Plus
Great post thank you very much for sharing
Xoda Premium
No problem, Lisa ( :
Smivs Premium
The irony is that as inwas scrolling through my dashboard I read the first few lines and then kept scrolling...then I immediately returned to read the whole article based on what I read haha I thought it was funny. I smiled to myself as I realised what I did lol

Good article and thanks for the apt reminder.
Xoda Premium
Yes, it's super easy to forget how distracted we've become!! I too am guilty of this. Haha I'm glad you understood my intended message though. Thanks for the comment! :P