Are YOU Ignoring Your Personal Brand? (Start a Movement)

Last Update: June 13, 2020

The vital message I desperately want you to take away from me today is this: Effective personal branding will DIFFERENTIATE you from the competition.

Look, human beings have a herd mentality...

They dress the same, talk the same, follow trends the same, make movies the same, feel the same, think the same....even market the same.

What's the best way to stand out from this mass of mediocrity? That's right- your personal brand.

Here is why you NEED to stop ignoring your personal brand:

>> Personal Brand is Even MORE Important than Marketing

The process of effectively making money online goes like this, in exactly this order.... Movement > Marketing > Money.

( ...I call this the '3 M's' )

Let me explain... MOST marketers (understandably) make the mistake of assuming marketing is what makes you money... it doesn't.

What makes money is your movement. In other words, your personal brand!

  • What do you stand for?
  • What is your mission statement?
  • What is it about YOUR personal brand that people resonate with and connect to on a deeper human level?
  • What is your MOVEMENT?

Think of Martin Luther king.... wouldn't it feel so wrong to say "Martin Luther King was a marketer." ...?

He was a movement maker! He had marketing teams though, that's for damn sure...

It's 2020 now, and marketers who ignore the creation of movements are sure to crumble into dust.

>> It is Time For You to Create Your Personal Brand and Broadcast it to the World!

In the digital age of social media, being a faceless marketer behind a computer screen is no longer enough...

People want to know your story, your mission, your values and what it is you're all about.

Whether you do it through blogging, video, social media... it doesn't matter. Just get your movement started.

It's not the size of the movement that matters, it's the force & impact of it...

Now, it's time for you to start your own movement.

Remember... Movement > Marketing > Money.

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dkohsh88 Premium
Hi Xoda,

Excellent point. Yes, it is. I realised the potential of branding when i was setting up my offline biz many years ago. Well, it is a good learning experience. In creating an unique brand name. Not easy doing it on my own at first. Nevertheless, it is worth the effort.

I ever thought of engaging professional to set up a good brand name for the biz and products. Hence, i was shocked by the cost involved.

From there, i realise the difficulty for small and medium enterprise in term of brands name creation. Due to lack of start up capitals.

To your success,

David Koh
Xoda Premium
Thanks for the insights, David! I'm glad you're able to grasp the power of a brand. It is the future of online business in my opinion!!!

WaltM Premium
Wow, very straightforward breakdown on what to do starting a movement!

Truly is real food-of-thought & powerful leadership building insight!

Thanks for sharing.

As a new affiliate marketing student. I want to say for any one starting fresh or is a newbie.. without the knowledge of actually working out these bullet points here.

Just do it! Follow your intuitive sight.

This is about wrapping you brains around being front & center of your personal brand.

So stay thinking about what you stand for, (as a brand) if you don't know then revisit your niche choices & turn over (the steps to the money) the mission you had in mind for it..

Think about how you-yourself resonate with your (the) idea niche, & how you wanna use (the niche) "that connection" building out your movement!

As a newbie this fire tends to weakened or is blown out because--initially there is so much to learn.

I gather what Xoda is saying to us fresh-starters is that: "the size of a movement starts with you, that you are its force & impact!"

Without impact you can't dig deep. So don't even try quitting if you ain't force no moves...


Thank you again Xoda for your amazing share!

All the best!
Xoda Premium
Walter, I can see that you're like a sponge...

It's people like you who can hear information, absorb it, internalize it and then act upon it in your own newly interpreted way that will succeed in this business.

Indeed, one cannot dig deep without impact, and the best way to create impact is to ignite a movement.

Thanks for the comment, my man!
Much appreciated,

DerekMarshal Premium
I guess that #PersonalBrandingMatters.

This is something that I have been aware of for a while and interjecting more of personalisation of my brand as I create written content.

Just seeing me is not enough a couple of photos or images does not make for a Personal Brand (in my opinion, that is just visual branding).

Other aspects I'm am aware of and what you have touched on is sonic branding - I don't quite have the voice to match the brand I am creating but to maintain it I am undergoing voice training and acting classes locally at drama school to appear better on camera.

Which brings me to your thought on Sonic branding for a personal brand. Any tips?

For what it is worth I find Chris Ducker a first class source to follow in terms of personal branding.
Xoda Premium
Derek, you've brought up some interesting points...

1. Sonic branding is certainly a specific and targeted strategy. I believe that acting and voice training will help amplify your results tremendously. I myself took an improv acting course for a similar reason.

2. Chris Ducker is an amazing source of information on personal branding. I would also highly recommend Peter J Voogd (he has had the most profound effect on me in this area of knowledge).

Thanks for the comment, my man! Much appreciate the thought provoking comment.

DerekMarshal Premium
Thanks I'm checking out Peter J Voogd - I've not heard of him. Much appreciated.
Xoda Premium
No problem.
philmedia Premium Plus
Great advice personal brands are important - people will love what you stand for which is why purpose mission and values are key thanks for posting
Xoda Premium
Very true, my friend... Thanks for reading!

ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Spot on with this advice :-)

Even Microsoft, Apple, Virgin and Facebook for example have a Personal Brand element to them
Xoda Premium
Great point, Chrystopher.

There are fundamentally 3 types of brand: Personal, Business and Product.

Steve Jobs is the personal brand, Apple is the business brand, and iPhone/IPad/Mac is the Product brand.

This applies to pretty much all major brands as well. I find that this pattern repeats in most successful companies : )

Richard Brandson, Bill Gates and Mark Zukerberg are all excellent personal brands. (Especially Brandson in my opinion!)

ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Exactly, now if that doesn't encourage people to develop their own personal brand, then I don't know what will :-)
Xoda Premium
Precisely. Haha.