Optimizer Only Optimizes Images inside your posts

Last Update: May 05, 2017

So far my experience with the Image Optimizer is that is only optimizes the images inside your posts and pages.

It does NOT optimize my "featured" images.

So, I'm going to manually optimize those, otherwise, my ratings have been lower than promised. Support concurs that my featured images are not being optimized.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Dmk71152 Premium
dont know te answer but will look as others respond here.
PatsyC Premium
I wouldn't know how to tell?

I thought they would all be optimized no matter where they are, even in the media library. I added this plugin knowing we are only suppose to have less than 5 plugins. I have more now.

If it's not going to help I'm removing it.

Thanks for posting this :)
RHBarlow Premium
I wasn't sure how that works.