Is Akismet not Needed on WA sites?

Last Update: July 23, 2017

I thought I read somewhere that Akismet is not needed.....that WA sites have a spam filter that is incorporated into the software?

I was watching Kyle's training and he emphasizes installing Akismet. Just a little confused unless the training is old?

Thanks for any enlightenment

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Kyle Premium Plus Featured Comment
The Akismet and Captcha plugins have been removed as they are no longer needed ever since we updated our platform with SiteProtect technology which is far more advanced and removes the need for plugins like Akismet.

You can read about it here: I am going to be updating the videos early next week to reflect these recent changes. :)
Loes Premium
I hope you keep this one online, Kyle, because not everybody will host at WA, and they do need Akismet.
RHBarlow Premium
I never used them.