Does Anyone Use an Online Grammar Checker?

Last Update: April 24, 2017

I have used one for years called Ginger, and then I found a free one called Grammerly. I like very much to have an instant check to everything that I write. The one I'm using now, Grammerly, is an extension for Chrome. I find it very useful and especially when I'm writing an article/post. I won't be posting anything with misspelled words or obvious grammar mistaks. FYI

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MKearns Premium
Grammarly for me!
botipton Premium
I use Grammarly all the time sew I dn't ave mispelled worrds.
paulgoodwin Premium
Grammarly is great but Word is still best
Gordon-D Premium
Use Grammarly all the time :-)
asoltys58 Premium
I tried grammarly, but it was annoying.