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August 29, 2017
Do folks use Wincher for rankings? If not is there an alternative? Just curious if I need to sign up for Wincher or something else?
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I thought I read somewhere that Akismet is not needed.....that WA sites have a spam filter that is incorporated into the software?I was watching Kyle's training and he emphasizes installing Akismet. Just a little confused unless the training is old?Thanks for any enlightenment
I've been catching up with Jay's video training and it is so valuable to us, who haven't been doing this that long. I just watched his 21-minute to rank and it worked!!!! The only problem is it only worked for a day. Nonetheless, he does know what he's doing and his video training is very valuable. Last night I watched his last video on knowing who your audience is. Great video. Thanks Jay
I don't want all the products on my sale page to be in a vertical column. Is there a plugin that lets me arrange the products on that page?
I've tried and tried with this suggested embed website, and so far, it hasn't worked for a single YouTube video that I've tried I finally resorted to adding additiional CSS to my site and then wraping my YouTube videos with code to refer to the CSS. FYI
So far my experience with the Image Optimizer is that is only optimizes the images inside your posts and pages. It does NOT optimize my "featured" images. So, I'm going to manually optimize those, otherwise, my ratings have been lower than promised. Support concurs that my featured images are not being optimized.Anyone else experiencing this?
I have used one for years called Ginger, and then I found a free one called Grammerly. I like very much to have an instant check to everything that I write. The one I'm using now, Grammerly, is an extension for Chrome. I find it very useful and especially when I'm writing an article/post. I won't be posting anything with misspelled words or obvious grammar mistaks. FYI
I've completed the first two sections of the training, and feel like I have a good idea of where I'm headed. I have 15+ domains that will be give me lots of things to work on in the future. I have started 3 or 4 sites but am now concentrated on one and it feels right. I have been active in the community and think I've helped a person, here and there. I previously had an online Amazon business, so I surprise myself sometimes - about how much I know that I didn't know I knew. I am in no hurry.
connecting and seeing what's going on each morning with the WA community is my morning coffee. It gets me going and gives me a little boost.
I think that if you're not thinking about helping your customer (avatar) then you've got to think more about them than making money. I believe that helping folks results in making money. I just don't think money can be the sole reason. Just a thought.