May 2012 Online Income: $800+

Last Update: June 11, 2012
A quick tally of my May residual income, most of which comes from a pets-themed website and a home and family blog:

  • Google Adsense: $422.34
  • Clickbank $175.14
  • Amazon: $85.42
  • Demand Media $79.96
  • Wealthy Affiliate: $40.00
  • ebay Partner $14.82
  • ShareASale $13.65
  • Squidoo $9.92

TOTAL $841.25

This was lower than the previous month -- April 2012 -- thanks in part to Google changes (Penguin) and the seasonality of my pets-themed site -- its best months are Feb.-April every year.

Now it's June and I'm working to bring my income back up to $5,000 a month -- follow along with me and I'll share what I learn along the way!
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Scott321 Premium
Very impressive. I just saw this post even though it was posted back on May 12 2012. Great inspiration!
onlinewealth Premium
Thanks for the inspiration! Cant wait to see $00.01 let alone 5g's
veronica.l Premium
A lot of us have been hit by all the changes, but the ones that keep building quality content and does not quit will be the winners in the end!! Good job and good luck reaching your goal, if you have done it ones it should not take you too long to get it back up there!!
WriterGig Premium
Thank you, Veronica! Quality content is my top priority. Thanks for the encouragement!
Telmari Premium
This is definitely great motivation since my online income for May was around $6 or so :) $5,000 is a great goal, and it sounds like you're taking all the right steps to make it happen, especially looking for new opportunities for some more consistent year-round income! Here's to making June (or maybe July-August) even bigger!
WriterGig Premium
Thank you! I know with time and work it's possible -- for all of us!
mcman187 Premium
It's posts like this that keep me motivated in wealthy affiliate I have been here since around the first of march. I haven't made no money yet but i'm not getting discouraged cause this takes time and lots of effort. Nice post and great job keep up the great work
WriterGig Premium
Thanks for the comment, keep working the plan -- my best advice is to find a niche you really enjoy writing about and marketing -- it makes the work more fun. :)