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February 14, 2014
I have been out for a few days because we had a death in the family. No condolences are necessary - it was for my fiance's great-grandmother who lived 97 years. Her legacy was full as she was able to meet her newest great-great-great-great-grandson just weeks before her death. Although there were some tears it was a joyous occasion celebrating the life of a wonderful woman who apparently didn't let anyone be a stranger and made her home comfortable to anyone of any age. I never had the oppo
If you need something humorous, check out my article on Street Articles. I wrote it a few days ago about my dog, Kuro. He keeps me entertained and on my toes! The name of the article is "Does Your Dog Eat Carpet?" Enjoy!!
February 02, 2014
I have arthritis. Some day this will no longer surprise people and they will stop saying, "but you're so young!" When that day comes it will probably hurt my feelings. But for now I have to endure people trying to tell me what I can do about it, how I can manage it, and how I can "reverse" the effects. Ha, that's a laugh. I've had it since birth so if anyone knows how to endure the pain it's me. I have a high tolerance for pain and when I was a kid growing up in humid Japan I decided I wo
I feel like I am moving slowly, although looking at my overall progress I can tell that I have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. I'm ready to start making some dough! Show me the moneeeeeeeeeey!! Ok now that I have that out of my system - my site is improving every day. I started editing my site in WordPress, bought my own domain, created multiple pages, posted photos I won't have to pay for, created a Google + account, followed a bunch of people, checked said people's sites, and