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June 2nd was my last day in retail management. I couldn't stand the rat race anymore. I am college educated and sick of being taken advantage of for measly pay!
I love to write, read and learn about the internet so I am giving the website idea chance! I am taking it seriously! I have 2 children and a husband that I want to spend more time with. Working from home has been my dream for a while. I am ready for the challenge and feel that if I give it my all, I will succeed!
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Hello, brand new here!! I'm ready to learn!!!
bigstevec Premium
hi work@home

i'm in a similar gig and new to WA - i too have a college degree and want to write more (my degree is in english) - one of the things in WA that i find very confusing is that most of the tutorial articles assume you have better navigation skills and computer knowledge than may be the case - consequently i find myself spending more time than i should trying to perform basic tasks - i guess it's part of the learning curve

i hope you're successful with it because being with your family while they grow up is where it's at!!!!