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August 21, 2019
So, as my time at Wealthy Affiliate grows, and I become more knowledgeable, I am realizing how incredible our members are. Now I have always found everyone to be so helpful and unselfish, however, I am learning that their is more to the individuals here than you first believe.I am so very impressed with the knowledge of the individuals that are so willing to give up their time to walk you thru a situation you are unable to overcome. They take the time to answer the simplest of questions, but
August 17, 2019
Yeep! I am addicted to running...who would have known. At 49 I started running and this was my son's first full marathon and my first half-marathon in Toronto, Canada. I love the feeling of crossing that finish line. However, it takes dedication, training, motivation, hard word and self-control.So further to this, I am also addicted to this online marketing business. What a rush at every step of the journey. The first, website you build, when you have never ventured into this field before
August 04, 2019
So this is short and sweet, but when I started I went Premium monthly. I guess it was insecurity. After seeing how in depth the training was and the cost monthly, I went to yearly. Why go yearly?1. The savings is quite significant, if you can afford it DO IT!2. I also received an e-mailed from Kyle in regard to the difference between success and failure. It was only his opinion, but it was a very good video. I recommend everyone view this video. Very insightful. It was 2 hours long, so
July 24, 2019
Oh my goodness! I have reached a social network of 500+. Wow! I haven't been here long, but am so overwhelmed with the support of everyone here.Why A Great Thing?Well the biggest plus for me is the bigger my network the more contacts I will have for input into my questions, my blogs and the positive support. Sometimes you really need to hear someone's positive messages.Thanks!Thank you everyone for making this happen and being a part of my network. For me this is quite an accomplishment.
July 22, 2019
So, I took some much-needed advice from another WA Associate and realigned my goals and tasks. I had been putting so much pressure on myself that I was intentionally not doing anything on my website. I have been away almost 2 months procrastinating. I was also very busy with work, a wedding and the farm. Spring is always a busy time here and I added WA to the mix. I just didn't have enough time in a day.So I have tried to make my goals and tasks much more realistic. I know we all have obs
Life throws us curves all the time. It could be an illness, a family tragedy, a work delima or it could be great holiday, a wedding, a promotion at work, a new baby. What I am saying is life is unpredictable.We can take tragedy and make the most of it, or try to learn some valuable lessons from it. We have choices in life and how we react is a determination of how we will proceed with life. Life is full of surprises, good and bad. How we choose to live our life is in our control? Nobody e
May 16, 2019
So I am leaving the WA world for 4 days and will be without this great internet. I have been waiting months for this short getaway.Here in Canada we have what we refer to as "May two-four weekend". It's actually called Victoria Day weekend and is to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday.I am torn between having 4 great days of play and working on my online business. Play is what I have chosen to do. We all need to rest and relax and we come back renewed!So for 4 great days my husband and I wi
May 07, 2019
These are two of my precious "children" (not really I couldn't insert their picture, it came upside down) that I work hard for and want this endeavor to succeed. I have 3 others in the barn which hope to one day share with you all. Yes I do have children but they are off living their own incredible lives. So proud of them all. And my husband who works too hard and deserves to be able to retire, not work himself into a grave.I have noticed we use this space for motivation, accomplishments a
April 25, 2019
So, I was getting so frustrated as I was working away on my website here at WA. I was becoming overwhelmed and I was going from one area to the other only leading to more frustration. I needed to have better direction for myself.I had had enough, tied up my runners, grabbed the dog, Harley who is my faithful running companion. He simply can't get enough of it. And onto the road we went. I needed a good cardio workout and I needed to think and contemplate what I was doing.I was feeling so o
April 21, 2019
And I can't deny it....RANKEDThis will be short.Ok, so last night I got an email telling me that my website (my own) has been ranked by google. Oh my goodness I was bouncing, to say the least. Yes, follow the steps and things fall into place. I can't say that I don't over think things, but I try to step back and regroup. It pays off.I am not as far along as I would like to be, but I am trying to understand the steps along the way. I have back tracked and retraced steps. I am exploring We