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December 19, 2019
I have taken many great people's advice on this platform the last week and reevaluated my goals here at WA and for my future. So by putting them in writing here at WA, I hope to make myself more accountable to myself and my family. It's more about building myself to be consistent, so I can reach my long term goals and remain true to myself and my family. So here goes, no laughing!Long TermI still am on the 2-year plan to get my husband to be retired. Don't need a huge monthly income for this
December 04, 2019
So am I the only one here that hasn't told family or friends about this awesome adventure I am on. I have honestly tried other avenues of creating extra income, from sales, remember the stuffing envelopes (that was more a headache than anything at all), anything I felt I could be successful at. They don't tell you everything when you sign the dotted line. And I have given up on them in the past. Showing my family and friends another attempt at my dreams gone.This is not to be a downer post,
December 02, 2019
November 20, 2019
So I saw this quote yesterday and thought I would share it. I have had a rough week, but it's time to turn it around, after all it's only hump day (Wednesday). I love quotes and they usually inspire me, as this one does.To me it sums it all up. We all have paths in life and we don't know where they will lead us. This is a journey that we are all on and we have each other to support and encourage. We can't go backwards, but we certainly can work at moving forward and changing our destinatio
November 14, 2019
So, I stumble and I get up and I stumble again. It's all good, a learning process. The only one I am trying to please is myself (and I hope my family benefits).I looked at my beginning goals and I chuckled to myself, how naive. It was all about the money, so today I am redoing my goals.Short term1. This weekend I am improving the look of my website2. I am posting two of my blogs onto my website (just need links and photos and editing)3. I want to be more consistent, within the community,
November 10, 2019
My life has been a whirlwind since our Canadian Thanksgiving. And I say that with excitement. My last post in WA was my 6 months and I was struggling to find the time. Well I have just added more demand to my life, so time is even more valuable right now. Its the busy people who get things done.My husband and I were planning his retirement for 2 years down the road (2021) and at that time we were going to move back to my home town area. So Thanksgiving weekend we looked a property near my
October 15, 2019
Making Time For My BusinessIt is the Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada, and my husband and I are travelling to my mother’s for the weekend. All three of our kids will be joining us, as well as my sister’s family. We haven’t all been together in a very long time. To say I am excited is minimizing it.Needless to say, it will be another busy weekend and I will not accomplish much on my business. So the point of this post is our drive is approximate 5 hours. So I am sitting
I just want to take this moment to wish everyone a:HAPPY THANKSGIVINGfromBlyth, Ontario, Canada(OK, it's not until Monday, but I am starting today)I feel we have so much to be Thankful for at WA. May you all have a terrific weekend and enjoy your family time and feasts. (I hope this doesn't offend anyone) Ours is sure to have
So I have been here at WA now for 6 months. I have not been consistent, I have not shown the dedication that I had intended, however I am still here!I have made many milestones in this journey and I am no way discouraged or QUITTING, I know that I can do this, it is just a long voyage that will take me up many challenging hills to get to my destination.Life throws many things at us, good, bad and the ugly. It is how we handle these situations and learn from them.I encourage each and everyone
September 17, 2019
So we all have this voice in our head that talks to us. I envision mine as a little koala bear, named George. But I call him a Gremlin. He can be the most frustrating and obnoxious voice you can imagine. This is when I love him best, asleep.So what am I talking about? You know that voice that tells you, "you can't do this", "you'll never be successful", "you are so stupid" and doesn't the list go on and on. Well George has really gotten in my head the last month and been very successful.