SIX Months - The challenge continues.

Last Update: October 08, 2019

So I have been here at WA now for 6 months. I have not been consistent, I have not shown the dedication that I had intended, however I am still here!

I have made many milestones in this journey and I am no way discouraged or QUITTING, I know that I can do this, it is just a long voyage that will take me up many challenging hills to get to my destination.

Life throws many things at us, good, bad and the ugly. It is how we handle these situations and learn from them.

I encourage each and everyone of you to not quit, not get too discouraged, and know that this is a journey not a competitive race with a deadline. There is lots of help our here and great training.

Hang tough and let me know how you are coping! Here's to our dreams and reaching our destination, no matter the length of time.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. Confucius


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SueKo Premium
Hi Wanda, I go kind of slowly but never quit. Thank you for your positive message. It encourages me a lot!
ExpatMark Premium
That Confucious dude probably was a good affiliate marketer and blogger. As the band Tesla sings, "Hang Tough'!
OSegun Premium
Thank you for this inspiration.
Quitting is off the table. Because quitters don't win.

We are winners.

WMarshall1 Premium
I agree quitting is not an option!!

Joes946 Premium
Wanda, yes, life can deal us some pretty harsh blows, but the way we handle them is what is important. Bounce back...that's the key.
Great post.
Thanks and glad you're here.
megawinner Premium
Wanda, you have resolved and grit to continue. Yes, you decided 100% correct. Continue your WA journey. We know now there is hope to those who really take action on this which should be done, -- Our own Website. Plan, Strategise, take action every day and do not stop. Keep improving. We will be there. See you at the top! More power to you, Wanda!