Last Update: September 17, 2019

So we all have this voice in our head that talks to us. I envision mine as a little koala bear, named George. But I call him a Gremlin. He can be the most frustrating and obnoxious voice you can imagine. This is when I love him best, asleep.

So what am I talking about? You know that voice that tells you, "you can't do this", "you'll never be successful", "you are so stupid" and doesn't the list go on and on. Well George has really gotten in my head the last month and been very successful. It is time to get away from him and start thinking positively.

So how do I do this...

1. Make a list of all my accomplishments. Things I am proud of, both personal and business related. They can be simple things. I can have this to review when that Gremlin is active.2. Clear my head, go for a walk, run, hike. Enjoy nature. Get those creative juices flowing. Even listening to music can clear the old head.

3. Do something that makes me happy. Something you don't get the opportunity to do often.

4. Meet a friend or friends for lunch. This can really boost your confidence and put that Gremlin to sleep.

These are pretty simple tips for overcoming your gremlin. Sometimes they help me and other times unfortunately they don't. We all have those negative thoughts, how do you overcome those negative thoughts?

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Dawo Premium

Nice post.

In addition, each of us are different in almost all aspects of life. There is no one like you in another part of this world. Likewise me. Its only you and you alone and you are unique.

The way we handle situations and our perspective of life in general is different. How I handle situations, how I manage situations and circumstances and how I overcome them, depends on how I absorb it, digest it and interpret it.

So how I manage myself when faced with such or encountered such depends on the type of situation or circumstance I'm in.

Having a patient heart and a positive approach and then with what you mentioned, meeting friends or going out for a walk in the park will clear your mind off of all these.

By being impatient with self and having doubts about self will not ease your mind even when with friends or on a walk.

Anyway just my thought.

WMarshall1 Premium
Wow Jasper!
Loved this, you are so right! It depends on the circumstances around every self-doubt. I am an impatient person and I am hardest on my self.
Thank you for your insightful words, I apologize for the tardiness.
mmussehl Premium
I go for a long walk and at the same time I read posts from fellow WA members. That usually gets rid of the little voice inside telling me I should be spending time doing something else. It works!
Carson2 Premium
I'm glad you're looking at this. It will help.
ERichardson1 Premium
Good evening, I love your blog, what I do I meditate, it works for me. Have a very blessed week.
MyWarCo Premium
yep, no one is immune to the Gremlins :-) I have a few good audios for programming/re-programming my subconscious. They are a combination of positive phrases and relaxing music.... very helpful.