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July 01, 2016
This morning I went for daily jog and, as usual, I listened to a podcast from Jack D. Jack does marketing and business related sessions and he had the founder of the Tribe with him today.During their session they were discussing influencers in social media and how to become one or attract them to your brand.So how do we come back to the power of branding? In the session the told the story of a girl who built a following in Nail Art of 1.5 million. Sony music were promoting a new single/album re
It amazes me to see how many people in internet marketing do not put themselves out there. I see website with pictures of dogs, scenery buildings etc. Everything but a photo of the owner. WA member’s profiles are the same.In this business we need to Brand ourselves, not our product. Yes we need to identify what we are promoting, but there are likely thousands selling the same or similar products online. Why would anyone want to buy from you rather than these other people?There are plenty
I have spent many years learning about marketing and it hit me the other day how so many things we learn are taken in but we don't understand the concept of what we have learned.I am currently living with my in-laws and we often sit to watch TV together. For me this is social, as I never watched TV before. Anyway these ads come on selling products and I am saying who would buy that, my in-laws agreed. After seeing the ad repeat a number of times I hear them on the phone ordering it.It dawned on
Two of my post from my website are ranking 4th and 6th on Google search. This is trough through sharing them on my G+ account. Awesome WA.I also started promoting WA Affiliate program yesterday through Facbook free advertising. Got two refferals already. Now it is up to me to encourage them to convert to premium membership.Thanks very much to WA and everyone in this community, best marketing community by far. Cheers Kev
Roadblocks are part of our journey as entrepreneurs, they are a test. They sort out the winners from the losers. Those who work through these emerge much stronger.It takes determination and perseverance to keep going in pursuit of any dream.I am writing this because I am going through a particularly bad time with roadblocks. I have just moved back to Australia from Thailand and staying with my in-laws. They have limited internet and due to my work their internet has run out. It still works but
10 Simple Tips To Write Your BlogWhen I first started online I was scared to death or writing. I was telling myself I cannot write, where do I start. No-one is going read what I write. Who would be interested?I bet you can relate to this, we all go through these feeling at one time or another.So what is the answer?Just be yourself, write as you would talk. You know the majority of people read at the 7th grade level, that's right same reading level as children.There are many writing styles but w
aponics - Organics Fruit and Vegetables Fresh EverydayI have been passionate about Aquaponics since I can remember. It was always a good fit for me, with my technical background and keen interest in health and well-being.Most people know about Hydroponics but have no idea what Aquaponics is. Aquaponics is growing plants and fish together, circulating the water from the fish pond through the grow bed and back into the fish pond.The ammonia produced in the fish waste is converted to nitrates thro