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As usual this morning I listen to a podcast from JackD, founder of The Entourage, when I was on my run. He was talking about how marketers use the negative, fear element to engage prospects. Pain point marketing. His take was the opposite.He claims when you use the conventional formula, you are attracting people who are running from pain or fear. Their outlook is negative, so you are not attracting the best prospects.He uses the positive side or the quadrant of pleasure and to attract positive
When I tried to boost a post on my Facebook Fanpge today I received a message telling me my ad may not reach as many people as I liked because the image may have tooo much text. I have not used Facebook ads for a longtime but when I did they would reject a post with too much text.It appears they have changed thsi policy and will allow these images but with limited exposure. See the article from the link below
I wrote a blog asking about plagereisim software and as a result of the response I have been using copyscape and grammarly.What I found is Grammarly has plugins/extensions for Google Chrome, Windows and MS Word.Using the Google Chrome Grammarly extension it checks your grammar and spelling as you write anything in ChromeIt is simple to install, got to setting>extensions in Chrome. Then search for Grammarly and install. You are right to goAs i am not the best with English, I find it very help
I wonder if anyone knows of a reliable plagiarism checker. I have found plenty online and used them but they all return a different result.One showed all of my text was copy where another showed it was all original and others in between.I wrote it all myself so if there is any content duplicated it coincidenceCheers kev
I spent many years looking for that one tip to turn the tide for me, a little nugget to change my path onto a successful life.You know what? It doesn't exist. That's right, being successful is about "Taking Action".Not just a bit here and there, but taking "Massive Action". I would read articles, posts and training from successful marketers and hear them talking about massive action.I thought I was doing what they suggested, my idea of massive action was nothing like
You may ask why I need a mission statement! Internet businesses are like any other business and you need to treat it that way. This is not a hobby or a fun past time. If you want to be successful you need to plan your business, prepare a budget, marketing plan and yes a mission statement.You mission statement is the values you want to instil into your business' culture, to present and future employees and partners. It is what your business is about, what you offer to clients and customers.A mis
As usual I was listening to a podcast as I went for my daily run and, as usual I picked up another nugget.I have been through a time where I lost almost everything but now on my way back. I thought I had nothing to lose and so the fear of losing was totally gone.Not true, now I am building up my life and wealth again the thought hit me. I now have the fear of losing everything again.My reaction to this realization was horror, this is a condition I thought I had beaten long ago. If I do not do s
July 16, 2016
For those of you who were asking the question about Sumome not working, I received this email from them.We got your backUpdate on the SumoMe outageYou might not have even noticed, but on Tuesday night, our servers on GoDaddy were attacked, causing an outage for some of you for the first time in 2.5 years.The bad news: Some people on the internet are not very nice.The good news: Our team of Sumos has your back and made changes to prevent this from happening in the future.All SumoMe apps and serv
July 13, 2016
I share all my Aquaponics posts on social media and of all the shares Google+ gives me the best results on Google search.As you can see by the screenshot above, I have two of my blog posts listed on the first page of Google at 3rd and 4th. These are both from my G+ site.Never under estimate the power of social media, especially Google sites.Cheers Kev
I was watching an interview with a cyclist the other day who is facing injury problems and might possibly miss out on the Rio Olympics. Don’t ask me about cycling because I don’t know a thing about it but this girl’s comments really struck me. She has the most incredible attitude and I thought this is relevant to our business.She was asked about how she felt about missing Rio. Her response was amazing, she said“What I have achieved already, nothing can take away. I can o