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Another day, another podcast and inspiration. This morning I listen to JT Debolt from MOBE. He was talking about consistancy, being consistant everyday. Take action, not just ordinary action but quality action.What does this have to do with your WA Blog. Absolutely nothing. I always enjoy my podcast in the morning, it gets me going and inspires me to put in effort.So back to what we are discussing. You WA blog.I have published a few blogs here and I always measure the response to find out what
Are you attracting the right people to your business? If not, why not?You know what you do in your life, how you treat people and how you live your values, this is how people see you. You need to build a team, people who compliment you and your values. When you build a strong team it amazing to know you have that back up. You have advocates, it is almost 100 to 1 advocates against adversaries.When you are building your team you need to remember these points #1 Be the person you want to attract,
August 22, 2016
30 days ago I took on a challenge to write 30 blogs in 30 day but, unfortunately I did not acheive it. In the 30 days I published 21 biogs, 1 page and 2 eBooks. I had a few disruptions on the way, like moving house and not have internet at home for a bit over a week. No excuses here, I could have done it if I put in the effort.Although it was not a wasted exercise, I learned what it takes to publish a blog every day. I learned to publish better posts and acheive the green lights in Yoast withou
We all know the best way to find out where our site is ranking in Google is to do a search. Right?Be careful, the result can be misleading if you get it wrongI posted a blog yesterday, opened Google and searched for the broad keyword "Content". This keyword returns "About 7,010,000,000 results (0.63 seconds)".To think I could rank in this is ridiculous. But check out the search results in the graphic.Second in the ranking, awesome. But wait there is something wrong here.I did this search in my
August 08, 2016
Update on my challenge and I am afraid to say I am behind schedule with 12 blog posts and 1 page, at total of 13 in 19 days.I did move house in the middle of this so, if I was looking for excuse that would be it.Still not giving up, 11 days to go and 17 posts. Watch this space because I am going for it.
Another day listening to podcasts and more ideas. Today it was a podcast from "The Art of Manliness". Sounds a bit sexist but it is not. A phycologists was interviewed about his book. He was talking about the period of self awareness through the 80s where society decide to avoid damaging children's self esteem by awarding participation award. Not focusing on the winners.He went on to say these theory has been proven not to work in university studies.According to him the only
August 01, 2016
I have built a new landing page in wordpress and would like some feedback. Cheers Kev
I ask myself this question nearly everyday. Rarely find the answer but it keeps me searching.This is a question I think nearly all of us ask ourself when things are not working out.For me, in my business it is "high quality leads". I can attract plenty of leads always at will but they are not the positive type I am looking for.With my previous post I was talking about speaking to the pain of your audience. In the post I spoke about taking a different aproach by addressing the dreams and wants.T
I made a commitment after a challenge here on WA to post a blog everyday for 30 days.Started my challenge on the 20th of this month and have posted 15 blogs on my site in 11 days. Slightly ahead of target, which is good in case I have a down day.19 more days to go.........Cheers Kev
July 28, 2016
Have you every thought about building a membership site? There are a number of reasons why you would want to build a membership site over a conventional site.Residual revenue: Members pay their subscription every week/month/year so you are almost sure you have revenue coming in each period. (I say almost sure because you will have cancellations)Predictable income: Yes you know the money will come in and you can plan you business/budget based on these figuresSimilar to a list you have a captive