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I am been working on Identifying the demographics of my list so I know how to engage them and what they need.In my research I found a service who will supply data from your email list. You simply upload your list and they provide the data you select from a list. Including behaviour, demographics, purchasing, family, education and much more.You join for free but pay for reports, select the data you want and the size of your list and they will provide you with a quote of how much it costs. Min co
September 27, 2016
Being in this business I am always looking for opportunities. Yesterday I was working with the local Salvation Army Money-care division when the guy I work with showed me a photo of a cat bag. It was a real cat the woman had made into a bag, she didn't kill it, it was road kill.She sold this bag for $500, and I thought OMG, what a niche this would be. Cat lovers are passionate about their pets and while it would be a very small niche I bet many would be willing to carry their late feline around
I wrote a blog about GetResponse's automation service and how good their support is. Well I had a session with a consultant and he took me through the process of building an Autoresponder using their automation to segregate the list based on their actions.I build an autoresponder series to follow up with subscribers who receive an eBook. At the end of the series I offer a discount on an affiliate product I am promoting. I don't want them to receive the discount email if they have already bought
September 20, 2016
I just got off a call with my GetResponse account manager where I learned about their Automation option. This is a very useful tool to build your autoresponder series with all the features of segregation and delivering according to the engagement with your list.It also is a great option to deliver courses and split testing.But the best thing I found on my call was my account manager will do everything for me. Work with me to get all this up and running. Very excited about automating my email ma
September 20, 2016
I have been a bit slack lately and not kept up with my blog and social media sharing."Make sure your worst enemy is not living between your ears" I spoke with a friend on the phone last night and he told me I am approaching my business the wrong way to become successful quickly. I respect his opinion as he is very successful with his business and has a large team.Why 3rd one today, well I was feeling a bit low. When i logged onto the WA community I came across two blog posts on motivation. Perh
Today I posted a blog titled "The Secret Of Early Retirement" on my site and, as always I shared it on my social media channels.Again I checked the ranking for my keyword on Google and there it was. 38 minutes after I posted it ranked number two on the first page of Google via my G+ share.Up to now I have not been drawing much traffic through this method but as I learned from this awesome community I was not correctly targeting my audience with my content.Let,s see what happens now I have impro
I just checked my Get-response form data and I have received 2589 visitors, 1564 unique visitors. This means I have a number of repeat visitors but almost no subscribers.I offer a free eBook in exchange for the emails but it is obviously not enough.Any Ideas?
I just posted about ranking 2nd on Google with my latest blog on G+ after 2 hours. This was a great result until I started looking at the other sites on page 1.Looking at their content and keywords I realise my content is not what the audience is looking for. My posts, yes I have two on page 1 relate to blogging not earning extra retirement income.This is a huge wake up for me and I will target the audience using the keywords I found from the other sites.Welcome all your suggestions and comment
I posted a blog 2 hours ago and shared it on my G+ account. When I search my keyword in a google incognito browser my G+ post was ranked 2nd. I also have one at 6th.This is the power of sticking with Google, G+, Google Drive and YouTube.See if any visits come from this one!Cheers Kev
I recently wrote a blog about my challenge and how I was not successful achieving my goals. Even though I did not achieve the goals I set out in the challenge there were other benefits.Today when checking out my site health I found another, even greater benefit from this challenge. My site trust moved from 10% to 20%.This has given me the incentive to keep going, build my site with more valuable content and rank in Google.My next goal is to build more pages on my site, 5 Affiliate marketing rev