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January 01, 2015
The key word in PROVERBS is wisdom, 'the ability to live life skillfully ." A godly life in a ungodly world ,however is o simple assignmemt .Proverbs provides Gods's detailed instruction for His people to deal successfully withthe practical affairs of evryday life: How to relate to God, parents, children, neighbors, and government. Solomon, the principal author, uses a combinationo poetry parables, pithy question, short stories, and wise maxims to necessary to handle life's issues.
December 28, 2014
The wicked flee when no one pursues, But the righteous are bold as a lion ,now that me I love to be bold as lion, but humble as a Lillie sheep because whoever walks blamelessly will be bless, I love to be bless that way I can bless someone to. So I pray enjoyment to all my reader's What profit will it do not to be happy. So for today let be Happy give someone a hug or just a smile .A happy heart bring a Smile to the Face. God bless us all in JESUS NAME
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December 25, 2014
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year......How wonderingly we are made a wonder intelligent creator did you know that our brains make 250,000.00 computation every would take the fastest computers 100 years to make one computation that your brain makes in one second.Oh, how wonderfully we are made.Father God thanks for giveing us our Savor Happy Birthday LORD JESUS Smile AND be Happy It's a beautiful day MUCH LOVE Brother's and Sister's From Your Brother Felix the Cat Estrada
December 21, 2014
Hi, I new here,Im,58 years old. I LOVE our God and our LORD Jesus and I'm so happy that I learn to trust in him.Life is much easer with him in my life. Hey there nobody smarter then him.And it fun to learn about his Wisdom and if you want knowledges and understanding all you have to do is ask right? so thanks for letting me join Wealthy affiliate and I'm here to learn and to help in anyway that I can.Op-o's all most forgot to mention that I'm a Vietnam Veteran and so proud to had served my c