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Hi.......I'm new to the internet usually a hands on sales person. I believe this form of marketing is the way forward with age being no barrier.......just need to get my head around the whole principal of network internet marketing.

Have just taken up mountain biking and road cycling just about to embark on a 200k race around the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand.

I live in rural NZ on the beach (not all that bad) married with 3 girls all left home living in the "Big Smoke's" in NZ.

Looking forward to working with you all

Cheers Mike
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1courage Premium
How is everything going for you Whitimike?
whitimike Premium
I'm just starting (takes a while at times) to appreciate all the advice and information WA has too offer it would now be nice to talk and chat with others on how was the best way to implement them......any one close in NZ???
Have a great day Mike
Internetgranny Premium
Thanks for visiting my space, Mike. I've added you as a buddy. I'm now making sure that I move at least one step ahead every day in the actual doing and only learn something if I actually need to know it right now. Otherwise I'll be a perpetual poor student...
Clheer Premium
Hi Mike!

I too am a newbie and realized this morning after the last 4 hours of reading.......there is still a lot more to learn.

Good luck with your new venture and I hope to see future notes as to your successes and failures.

whitimike Premium
Hi Christi,

There appears to be so much to learn and so little time as I want to get going. I'll need to take one step at a time.....and good luck to you also.

Cheers Mike
whitimike Premium
Hi to everyone out ther in the internet world....I've just started trying to get my head around all the information available (info overload) I suppose the best thing to do is just get started once I've worked out how and read your blogs and learn by my mistakes.
I'm currently in the Real estae industry and not new to blogging as I'm learning all about driving traffic to my web site via this forum.....seems to be working so now just need to expand it to a bigger picture and world of opportunities. Looking forward to it....Good luck folks