Snowy Saturday

Last Update: February 26, 2022

Hi WA Community,

As you know, there are a lot of very difficult things going on in the world right now. Things are now happening that I thought were only reserved for history books.

But it seems the world never learns.

The past few weeks have been incredibly stressful, so I thought I'd take a moment to lighten the day by sharing some winter pictures.

This winter has dropped a lot of snow in my area along with some very cold temperatures.

In the past, I have always loathed winter. But I realized that I needed to change that mindset, otherwise I'd always be wishing for time to fly by.

One of the many great things that WA teaches you is that you can shift your mindset and see things in a different light.

So, I am finding a new appreciation of some simpler things.

This picture shows a pond that is all frozen over. The light that was poking out from the clouds was quite brilliant.

You won't be able to see it well, but in the middle of the picture where a dead tree leans, there is a red-tailed hawk scoping out the scene.

Not a great photo as it was taken on a cell phone at a distance.

The snow is piling up in front of our little shed...luckily this one only houses items used in summer.

I like the way the snow looks when it's dotted on the trees like marshmallow Fluff.

This is a Korean fir tree with lots of snowy pinecones.

This is my neighbor's horse, Riley.

The local outdoor 'residents' have clear foothpaths all around. Some of those critters include squirrels, rabbits, possums, coyotes, wolves and deer.

The sun makes everything brighter. I've been hearing robins chirping since the end of January, so maybe it'll be an early spring.

I hope you have enjoyed a little view into winter. Wishing you all well.


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webcash2us Premium Plus
Oh, the times I spent in the winter up north was always fun.
I've lived in FL for years, but I sometimes miss winter snow.

Occasionally, I get to see it when traveling but not long-term.
I was a winter sports nut growing up in Upstate NY.

Snowmobiles, skiing, tobogganing, ice fishing, and more.
As a kid, I made great money shoveling snow as well.

Those are some excellent phone images you took.
This post made me think of those times in my life.


west2000 Premium
Sounds like you have some great memories of winter times, John. Upstate NY is such a beautiful, pastoral spot. Thanks for sharing your experiences! And glad you enjoyed my photos. I'm pleased to say the snow's almost all gone now :-)

tdbabineaux Premium Plus
I used to own a small ranch years ago where we had lots of snow every year. We'd frequently get snowed in sometimes for a few days and had to rely on a warm fireplace.

I have to say I miss it.

west2000 Premium
It is nice to have a fireplace when it snows. You must have enjoyed having a ranch. Thanks for dropping by, Terry :-)
RCanty Premium Plus
Susan, you made it really sound like a winter owner land! Once upon a time, I loved the snow, but then I grew up and realized the true hassle of it.

Not so much the snow, but the people and their reaction to it. I live within the hustle and bustle of the metro Atlanta area and we rarely see snow.

However, at the first sign of snow, they loss their minds (literally). Nonetheless, you photos reminded of a happier time.

west2000 Premium
Thanks so much for your kind words, Canty. Glad you enjoyed the share.

I can totally relate with what you've said. I've been through Atlanta many times and I know that folks there cannot deal with a hint of snow. Even where I am, people still don't drive well in it, when they should be used to it.

Enjoy your Sunday,
Jessiefido Premium Plus
Looks like a beautiful place to live Susan! You are welcome to share a bit of that snow with me!

Sadly, winters here recently have produced very little white stuff!

Enjoy a fabulous Sunday my friend!:-)
west2000 Premium
I would be so happy to share some of it with you, Nick! Where can I mail it...😂It can be pretty to see on a clear, sunny day (in small doses). But when it becomes weeks of grey skies and arctic temps, it gets tedious. C'est la vie.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a wonderful day, my friend :-)
Jessiefido Premium Plus
Just mail it to "lyon, France" my friend!!

I used to love winter (well I appreciate all of the seasons) but recently a proper winter has been sadly missed!

Things used to be covered with snow but sadly that is no longer the case here!!

Enjoy the rest of your snowy weekend my friend!!:-))
west2000 Premium
Very nice...Lyon sounds delightful. I'm sure there are many great things to see and enjoy there. Cheers to you :-)
Jessiefido Premium Plus
There are many great things to see and do here Susan!

You are more than welcome to pay a quick visit anytime you like!!:-))
west2000 Premium
Thank you, Nick! I've been to France many times but never seen Lyon...hopefully will get there one day as it certainly looks beautiful! Maybe you'll do a post on it for us arm chair travelers ;-)
Fleeky Premium Plus
Hi Susan
As if we were there...

The bird
The horse
And you
In a seemingly desolated cold

And yes...
Its beauty
Breath taking

We need to count our blessings

Happy sunday
west2000 Premium
I love that Fleeky! Thank you so much for sharing. I appreciate that.

We must count our blessings more than ever. Happy Sunday 🤗
Fleeky Premium Plus
Happy and blessed week
west2000 Premium
Same to you, too 🤗👍