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Last Update: Sep 27, 2022

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So, let's try rewriting this post again, after I just finished it and quickly lost it for some strange reason.

The past few days I've been thinking a lot about trust and what that means. My computer dictionary defines trust as:

"a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something."

In a world that is now polarized and full of scams, charlatans and questionable information, we need to be on our toes. Building that level of trust with our audience can be very challenging.


After all, why should someone buy into what you're selling when there are many others competing in the same arena.

As online business owners, it's important that we work towards attaining the trust of our audience so that we can help others, gain authority and convert sales eventually.

Without trust, our audience will disappear and our credibility will sink. Ultimately it could mean the demise of a business.

So how do we gain trust?

Well, I've been researching a few ways to go about gaining the trust of others. These things probably come naturally to most, but it is good to be reminded sometimes to see where we might be able to improve.

A few tips that I learned to build trust are:

  1. desire to help others
  2. be honest
  3. admit to your mistakes when necessary
  4. place value on the long-term relationship
  5. communicate effectively

Sounds fairly straightforward, right?

If we write content that gets our message across in a helpful manner, we will be closer to gaining the trust of others. And honestly reviewing and recommending quality products would also be a way to help others and grow our business.

A win-win is the ideal situation. The foundation is built on trust.

But What About The Flip Side?

What about if you can't trust someone else? Imagine being on the opposite side of the trust equation.

Now you are in a situation where as the consumer or reader, you may not be able to trust the words or actions of another.

How do you deal with such a situation in a personal context, especially if that person is family or someone close to you?

I have recently been put in this position. Unfortunately, someone that I've known and trusted for decades has just shown a side of themselves that makes me now totally distrust them.

Words matter, so use them wisely I always say. This incident has caused me to question everything that I thought I knew about this person.

Now, I'm not sure how I will handle a situation I've been put in without hurting others close to me.

Wolves come in all types of sheep's clothing. So be careful who you put your trust in. You may end up seriously disappointed.

In the end, think about both sides of the trust equation when you are building your online business because what you say and do can both build trust or discredit it...and that goes both ways.

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Sometimes when hearing info about someone whom it seems you can't trust anymore, in reality when you learned to trust them, they may have had the same fault, but lived above it and therefore earned your trust. Don't be quick to lose trust, examine the evidence to see how they have handled the fault and THEN choose your position.

Thank you for that…I appreciate your perspective and will take it into consideration.

Sorry to hear that you have experienced this situation recently Susan, but I can certainly relate to it...

Forgiveness is key for me... it is highly unlikely that we will ever trust that person 100% again though..

As for our businesses, trust is essential... after all, who would ever purchase something from someone they didn't trust!!

Thanks so much for your kind words, Nick. They are truly appreciated. Yes, it’s an unpleasant experience that will change a dynamic going forward. Now to work on forgiveness. You’ve spoken wise words.

You're very welcome Susan.. sometimes forgiving is not the easiest of tasks, but from experience worth it in the end my friend.

You’re very right, Nick. And ultimately it’s the only way to let go and push forward. 👍🏻

Absolutely my friend! 👍

It sometimes comes with the territory. I am not exactly sure why. People we know and respect suddenly change, and we are left with a sense of puzzlement as to what exactly just happened.

This is not the person we thought we knew. What happened to that person?
I never found out in my case, and just had to move on.

Regarding our sites, projecting genuine trust is paramount. Without trust, we would not buy from ourselves, let alone others.

I look for honest opinions and a sense that the website is attempting to help me without asking me to do something first. It is difficult to describe, and it does not always work.


You’ve hit the nail on the head, Alex. I too wonder how someone can be one way for so long and then just change. Perhaps they were wearing a mask and we just ignored the signs until we couldn’t any longer. Life is strange sometimes.

And I totally agree with your thoughts on business. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Wonderful post Susan! Building trust is vital when building a business because as you said, there are many other marketers in your niche. You want to stand out in a positive light.
I'm so sorry for what you're going through. That's happened to me as well, in the past, and it still hurts.
All I could do is forgive, but that doesn't mean they earn that trust back.
Praying it all goes well for you,

Thank you so much for your kind words Suzanne. They are appreciated. Losing that trust changes everything going forward, as you know. Not a fun spot to be. 🙏

Good post! Most important to build trust with your audience!

I know exactly what you mean about being sideswiped by someone you thought you knew...then you find out that they are not all all who you thought they were. It takes a while to recover from such a disappointment.

Meanwhile, we do our best to build our following.

Thanks so much, Fran! You've been there too. Not a fun spot to be in.

I agree with you...recovery from that is no easy feat, especially when you know you're required to interact with that person again in the future. And so we chug along ;-)

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