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June 04, 2013
I am so mad I could cry! I have been trying to figure out what to do with my lenses over at Squidoo. I was going to move some to WordPress sites, but for today just decided to update a few of my lenses.So I decided to add some content to my number one ranking lens and wasn't able to republish it. Now this was frustrating. Finally after making several fixes, I was puzzled as to why it wouldn't publish.Finally I decided to check and see if anyone was using my content, thinking maybe it was
June 01, 2013
Someday I really feel like I'm in my groove. Ideas come to me freely and it seems like I can write for hours. Then I look at the clock and realize I have to get ready for my job. And then when I get home 9 hours later it seems like I just can't get back into that groove. I do save all my keywords, and quickly write my ideas down on a notepad, but it just feels like the flow is gone.I hate it when that happens. :(Does this ever happen to you? Can't wait until I can fire my boss!
March 24, 2013
I need help with a tagline.I'm working on a new site called..."Midlife Madness". It will be focusing all the things many middle aged people go through. Examples are: Midlife crisis, Empty nest, Divorce after long marriage, body changes. etc. I'm hoping to take a bit of a humorous point of view while offering help to people. So anyways...I want a good Tagline to add to my site that would give people more of an idea what it is about. Any ideas?
February 28, 2013
Yesterday when I was over on my Squidoo Dashboard I noticed this HQ News from Bonnie and I decided to check it out. And I have so many mixed feelings. I have read a lot of the comments on the Squidoo page but I wanted to see what other Amazon Marketers think. Here is the page are my thoughts....I think there are two different kinds of people on Squidoo. Those who are writers and those who are sellers. I would hope that I'm a bit of
February 04, 2013
Okay I need to vent for a moment...I hope you don't mind.But I get emails from people all the time asking for advise about growing their business. Many of those people are here a WA. And I don't mind giving advise if I have the knowledge. But I get so annoyed with people when they want to be skeptical and negative. So naysayers want to whine.... about everything. Yet they don't dive into the training....nor will they do the work. Well Duh! That's why it isn't working.Stop Whi
January 28, 2013
I keep an idea notebook with me all the time in my purse. But at home when I'm on my computer I always have notepad up and ready to go.Then through out my day when an idea of a product or blog post comes to me I jot it down. I find writing down a quick idea helps me later when I go to write my blog post. I just quickly write down my thoughts. I've gotten some of the best ideas while walking around a mall, chatting with my kids or driving in my car. Some of my most profitable pages have b
Back in 2003 I was looking for a way to make money online and I found a network marketing company. I did Network Marketing for several years and I made some money (actually I made great money) but after a few years I realized that the company that I was with wasn't very ethical so after a lot of thought I quit. I realized it wasn't worth the money if people were getting hurt by buying into the hype.But I am grateful for the "MLM" experience because what it taught me was that I could earn
January 20, 2013
Is there anyone out there who hates tax season worse then me?I hate it. But this year I was organized and just updated my spreadsheet with all of my expenses and income. It was a bit of a headache but I got it done in a couple of hours. The good news is I'm all set to go and visit the tax guy next month. Now I just need my 1099's to come in the mail.2012 flew by fast. I'm looking forward to a profitable 2013.
I've been an Amazon affiliate for a few years and I wanted to share one of my favorite ways to find new niches and products to market.When I first started out I had one niche in the children's industry. And I would make a few sales a day. But after a while I became bored and wanted to see if I could be successful with other niches. So what I started to do was look a my order's report at Amazon and see exactly what people where buying. And I quickly realized that while they purchased
January 17, 2013
I've just re-joined WA after a few years. But I haven't stopped doing affiliate marketing. I learned so much from this site and started using some of the skills that I learned here to grow my business. Wealthy Affiliate was the perfect place for me to learn how to make money from home.So over the last few years I have created over 400 Squidoo pages between two accounts, 15 blogs and 3 WordPress niche sites. And I bring in multiple streams of income. I consistently earn from Amazon, Walma