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April 26, 2015
The side bar of your website is valuable real estate. This is the place on the right or left of your content where you can post banners or other important items for your readers. If you site gets lots of readers, you can earn extra money by placing banner ads that are retentive to your readers needs. So it is really important to know what your reader is seeking and offering the help they need. It is really important to view your website through the eyes of your customer. For example, if yo
November 02, 2014
I can hardly believe that it is Sunday November 2nd. This year has really blown by. It has been the craziest year ever. And if a year ago someone would have told me I would end up here, I wouldn't have believed them. In 2013 I made a decision to end a 24 year marriage for many reasons.... But I found myself. And even though I was hurting I kept going. In 2014 I turned 50, my son graduated high school, My oldest daughter got engaged, my middle daughter moved out....and I felt old...and sad. Ther
October 21, 2014
Twitter is one of my favorite social sites. I've been there for ages and have over 12.5K followers. So I love sharing my tips with people. Last Month Hani ( responded to my blog post, Tweeting Tuesday and asked me to write more about how I use Twitter to market my websites. I have finally had a chance to do that. I'm so sorry for the delay...I've had many life altering things happen over the last month but it is all good now. :) Anyway, here is my la
When ever I see a motivational quote that I like, I write it down. Here are a few of the ones that keep me inspired for success. Do you have a favorite quote? ” If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary.” Jim Rohn “Be content to act, and leave the talking to others.” Baltasa "Knowledge is not power…it’s potential power. Execution will trump knowledge any day." Tony Robbins “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!” Jonathan W
October 05, 2014
As an affiliate marketer, I really love the internet. It has really been an important part of my life. I mean the money I earn simply by using my 10 fingers on a keypad is really a blessing. The internet has done a lot to change the world in many ways. And one way is with helping people like you and me earn money. I even met my wonderful soul-mate on a dating website. :) But if you think about it, the internet has also totally changed our language. I mean think about some of the things we say t
Today I found out that an old friend who was only in his 50's died in his sleep. He had cancer so it wasn't unexpected. But it is still very sad. And it makes you realize how precious life is. But it really got me to thinking. As an affiliate marketer what happens to all of my stuff? I have made sure my daughter is on my checking account so she will have access to any money that is direct deposited. And I have my Paypal password in a safe place for my kids to find. Even if I died today, many of
Building a business on the internet can be very intimidating. If you are a new affiliate marketer here at WA you may be feeling like "Little ole me is out there writing posts, hoping someone will find my page." Yes, it is intimidating. But you are really lucky because you found Wealthy Affiliate who has the best training and coaching on the internet. When I first started my business I felt totally alone. And I learned a lot on my own through trial and error. If it wasn't for WA I would probably
Do you remember why you first sought out affiliate marketing? We all have our own reasons. But it is those reasons that keep us motivated to succeed and stick with it. As an affiliate for several years I have found that although my ultimate goal (money for retirement) is the same, my "Why" has changed. In the beginning I was honestly just looking for some extra cash to get caught up on the bills. I really needed to get the stress off of my shoulder. And I wanted to make a better life for my kid
All the time, I read posts or comments where people say that they just can't afford the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership. I know. I was once in their shoes. I remember going into my coin jar to hoping to find enough change buy milk and eggs. The thought of coming up with "extra money" to invest in myself seemed impossible. Something I learned in life, is that sometimes you just simply have to find a way if what you want will bring real value to your life. Take a moment right now and just im
June 27, 2014
I just wanted to let all of my friends and referrals know that I am heading up to my boyfriends family cottage for a week of boating and swimming. It is a much needed vacation. But unfortunately there is no internet. So If I receive any IM's, I wont be able to respond back until Monday July 7th.