Over Advertising on a Website

Last Update: November 03, 2019


I just witnessed Over advertising on a website and It really got my dander up!

This morning I have been offering comments and I came across a site by a Wealthy Affiliate member that I simply couldn't leave a comment for.

The reason was that there was so many advertisements it totally distracted from the actual article. There were actually 3 ads that literary covered the article. Now if this was just a random website that I found on the internet, I would have simply closed it out. I would not give them the time of day.

However, as a certified commenter, I'm trying to help people here, I decided to click the "X" on the many ads so I could read the content that was hidden.

But guess what? A pop up came up right over the content asking me to join their mailing list. I clicked out of it only to find another pop up with a visual operator asking if I had questions.

Needless to say I was annoyed. I wanted to leave a comment saying " I would have loved to leave you a comment, but I couldn't read your article because of all the advertisements blocking the actual content. Perhaps you should remove some ads on your site."

But, I figured they would disapprove my comment and that would affect my perfect 100% approval rate.

I feel like my time is valuable and I hate that this crap took time away from my day.

Now as a WA member, I understand why people use ads on their site. However, over advertising doesn't help blogs. I think it just makes the site look spammy and doesn't help anything.

So if you are a new blogger, keep in mind, the purpose of blogging is to get people to read your amazing content so they will want to come back and read more, or purchase from you.

The best way to advertise is at the top, bottom or on the side of your blog post. Pop ups are okay but after your reader has had a chance to read your content. Otherwise, you are going to scare people away.

End of my vent.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
And a positive and constructive vent it is, especially since I haven't even explored the advertising avenues yet. I will take this opinion to heart!!

iainclarke Premium
Totally agree that pop ups are a curse....almost as bad as spam. May be an ad should go at the end of your amazing post after you have got the reader fired up with enthusiasm.
wendyk Premium
lol maybe so.
Selenityjade Premium
Lol! It drives me nuts. Also it will cause Google to deindex or rank them very low.

When I come across these things, I leave a comment on the site itself, not WA Site Comments platform. Like weird code or something erroring majorly or something. I know I would want to know if something wasn't working properly on my site, so that is how I help without messing with my Comments.

Ads and popups suck though.
wendyk Premium
yes they do.
Alysanna Premium
Hey Wendy,

I totally get where you're coming from. Because when I land on a site that's almost covered with ads, I'm out there in seconds, he he.

Now I get why some WA members do not consider Google AdSense on their sites.
wendyk Premium
I agree, Google ads often turn people off as well.
Jacquie8 Premium
Hi Wendy,
I'm new here, but can totally relate to being blocked from viewing the content I'm trying to see.

Thanks for sharing... are there some lessons in WA that end up discussing the "right" amount of advertising?
wendyk Premium
You are welcome, Jacquie8. There is tons of information throughout the training about not going overboard on website advertising banners and such.