Going out on my own! Helping People Get Healthy and Lose Weight

Last Update: July 13, 2019

I've been doing affiliate marketing for well over 10 years and have slowly created my websites with a goal of putting extra money away for my retirement. This is something I do part-time around my full time job. I love the extra money, but sort of planned on doing it full time after I retire at 70.

However, I have realized over the last several years that at 55 years old I am burnt out from being an employee. But my online business isn't where I would need it to be to retire.

With that said, I am a believer that everything that happens in our life happens in the exact perfect way it is supposed to.

For example, 4 years ago, I lost 60 pounds which I was pretty proud of. And this let me to create a website, Fatlossatfifty.com. It's all about this journey, which has since grown like crazy! But not really enough to quit the day job.

And at the same time I hated my job as a retail manager. So I decided to look for another job and almost as a gift from God, I saw that a weight loss center was looking for a manager. With my management experience and knowledge of health and nutrition, I applied and got the job.

It all sounds great except there were a lot of promises that were not kept. Long story short I've been dealing with long days (I have an hour drive) and lots of stress which isn't good.

But I love, love, love counseling and helping people get healthy and lose weight. It is very fulfilling to me to see people get amazing results, get off meds and turn their quality of life around.

So I have decided to sort of combine my passions and start a new!

Sometimes you just gotta have Blind Faith!

My boyfriend and I are getting married next week. Then in September we are both leaving our current jobs and moving to Florida for a new start!

It is exciting and scary making a change like this. But sometimes you have to just take a risk and have blind faith that the universe knows what its doing.

My goal is to create my own practice as a Health Counselor and Nutrision Coach. I am going to follow my passion. I'm really excited.

I have a lot of skills and experience to help people but I have also completed Dr. Bergs Health Coaching Course.

Are there any successful health coaches out there? I would love to connect with you. How did you get started? Do you have any tips to share? What do you charge for coaching sessions? I was thinking about $499 a month but offer 50% off the first month. I would love any advise you guys have to offer!

Thanks in advance, Wendy

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trymetoday Premium
Wendy, what your about to embark on is a journey of fullfilment, to go out and create something whilst others wonder how it its that they are not succesful in life.
Its a not an easy road and you will need help, but there will be those who admire your courage and are prepared to help.

Wishing you all the best always. Paul
wendyk Premium
Thank you, Paul
YMerritt Premium
Hi Wendy,
Your purpose is to help others and when we are self less, we do get blessed. Wishing you all the best. I am still fine tuning my site, so I understand how you feel. You can do this!!
wendyk Premium
Thank you I really do appreciate the encouragement.
PMindra Premium
Hi, Wendy. Not an expert in your field, but do believe in Blind Faith and doing what my Gut tells me. Good luck. You will shine brilliantly

Paul from Canada.
wendyk Premium
Thank you so much Paul.
Sherion Premium
You can do this. I have full confidence in your ability to follow your calling, dream, passion. Weight loss is a big industry. It will help people and also you seem to have the passion to do this. The only thing I would suggest is you might need to figure out more of how much to charge. I did a quick search and the prices vary so much from a beginning coach to experienced coaches. People like to look at reviews. Do you have anything in this area of people you might have already helped in some way? I would also look up and join the mailing list of at least 15 to 20 other weight loss coaches to see what they are doing and charging. Of course, you may already know this and I am just trying to give my "two cents" as the saying goes. I wish you the best and congratulations on your whole life!
wendyk Premium
Great advice! I do have a few people that I have helped that would be happy to leave me reviews so that's helpful. Also I have researched prices. Average for a health coach is 600 a month. I will probably have to start smaller and get established. I just dont want to undervalue my talent.
MKearns Premium
Struggling but making headway with it Wendy!
wendyk Premium