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November 03, 2019
Warning....Venting.I just witnessed Over advertising on a website and It really got my dander up!This morning I have been offering comments and I came across a site by a Wealthy Affiliate member that I simply couldn't leave a comment for. The reason was that there was so many advertisements it totally distracted from the actual article. There were actually 3 ads that literary covered the article. Now if this was just a random website that I found on the internet, I would have simply closed it o
Yesterday was the last day of working for someone else. Today is the first day of me following my passion.Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I learned how to make enough money online to quit the day job! Now I am looking forward to not only dive into my business deeper and taking it to the next level but we are packing up and moving to another state! We are following our dreams and it feels amazing!If you are reading this post and are the least bit unhappy with what you are doing in your life, or you
I've been doing affiliate marketing for well over 10 years and have slowly created my websites with a goal of putting extra money away for my retirement. This is something I do part-time around my full time job. I love the extra money, but sort of planned on doing it full time after I retire at 70.However, I have realized over the last several years that at 55 years old I am burnt out from being an employee. But my online business isn't where I would need it to be to retire.With that said, I am
I love the way we are able to help each other out here at Wealthy Affiliate. I particularly love the Site Comments and how I can write comments for folks and help them out. And at the same time, I can get relevant and quality comments for my site which of course helps my rankings.However, sometimes, after I click the "offer comments" button, I get a post that I have no interest in. This frustrates me!For example, I had a site come up about how to build a speaker. Now if you knew me, you would l
I love to write and so over the last few years being a blogger and website builder has become a huge part of who I am. Blogging gives me a voice. I get to share my opinions and help people who are like me. It is very satisfying knowing that I am helping people.I love it when I see people here at Wealthy Affiliate pouring their passions into their buisness and wanting to be able to quit their job. You can become a millionaire by following your passion. But that isn't me. I really have no desire
This morning I added another post to my site and requested comments over at "Site Comments". Long story short someone left me a comment. However it didn't make any sense in regards to the post. So I went ahead and disapproved it. I think he was confused and thought that he was giving me feedback. And actually I really appreciate that. In the mean time, I feel terrible.I'm not sure why folks get so confused between feedback and comments. Anyways, I certainly hope I didn't hurt his feelings.For a
I have been seeing a javascript error when I go to leave comments on peoples websites here at Wealthy Affiliate. What I have found is that the blogs that I am trying to comment on are using a spam plugin. I had the same problem a few months back and had to disable my WP-spamshield plugin.We actually don't need any sort of spam plugin if our sites are hosted here a Wealthy Affiliate because of the amazing site security we have here. So if you are using this plug in, you may want to disable it.I
One of the best things about the Wealthy Affiliate Community is that we get to build relationships with like minded people. And from there we can network and help each other grow our businesses.Sometimes it is difficult to do this when you have no idea who you are talking to.Here is an example of what I mean...While on Wealthy Affiliate I find that I really love a comment that someone wrote and I respond back to them. I want my response to be more personal.But I don't know their name because th
July 12, 2016
I am going to be missing in action for a few days. Sometimes you just need to break away and get close to nature. And that is what I intend to do.I'll be boating, swimming and sunbathing while counting all my blessings.I think we all need to take some time to relax and rest our brains for a bit. So I won't be working on my business. And, I will not have my computer with me but will have my phone. I know I may have some comments or emails and I will do my best to respond with my phone provided
I think we all know that quality comments on our websites help to add content and it makes the search engines really happy.And at Wealthy Affiliate, we have the best Wordpress commenting system available with Site Comments. It works like this, when ever you leave two quality comments on someones website, you get 1 comment on your website.It is a sort of pay it forward system. You win, when you help others.But sometimes I wish that I could get a conversation going on my website with someone who