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I had never really thought about networking and socializing with others within my own niche until the other day as I was reading a few things about it here at WA. I thought to myself hey, that's a good idea...And it's funny...I had not even had the time to start networking with others, and as I was briefly looking at my google analytics stats, I realized I had been getting a ton of hits originating from a website I had never heard of. (Of course I had to check this website out). I disco
To all those who are just starting out with internet marketing and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, I have one thing to say-- don't give up.In the beginning, it was extremely difficult for me to try and write just a couple of sentences, let alone an entire article. And yeah, I struggled with it for awhile, but as I started writing more and more, it became easier for me to formulate my thoughts into writing. I'm still only just learning,but if I came this far in just a month, I know I
Hello WA! I finally got my own domain name and have my new site up and running. It was a lot of hard work, I encountered so many technical problems which set me back A LOT but at least there were people around this good old place to help me out along the way! I like the format better than my original site, I think it's a better fit for my niche. Which by the way is tall women's fashions. Probably not interesting to most of you out there but hey, too each their own!Also my site is now ran
February 14, 2013
So many of you offer such helpful and inspiring advice in your blog posts. I think it's great that there's such a wonderful community of people here that are willing to help others and share tips that lead to their success. I hope one day I can get to the point where I can help others just like you all are helping me! I am so thankful for you all!In other news, my first article got approved on Street Articles! I'm not sure why so many people say it's difficult to get approved--I
January 22, 2013
I wish I didn't have an extremely indecisive personality. I'm still really new to this all. I've started a site to follow along with the training (just the basic framework--not much actual content) but I'm thinking I need to rethink my niche. The training Kyle and Carson give you advise you not to spend too much time picking your niche and say that you should have a solid idea within a few minutes...but personally, I don't think I could do that. If i'm going to dedicate s