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As internet marketers, we all know how useful Google's autocomplete feature can be. It can really help us find LOTS of keywords we would never even think of otherwise. But also, it can just be downright entertaining... Caught this in The Atlantic, full article here:
Happy 2014 WA community! I'm writing this a bit late as January is nearly half over, but I wanted to update everyone on my progress over the past year. I want to start off by saying that 2013 was not a good year for me. I've been dealing with a health issue for the past several months that has been causing all kinds of problems, including making it difficult for me to work as hard as I know I should be at my online business. However, I've been pushing through and just trying to focus on things
How are you spending your Black Friday this year? I hope not like this! I certainly did not go out shopping this year. Instead, I slept in and got my hands on the best deal of the day from the comfort of my very own bed, yes that's right I confess - I DID MY BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING IN BED! What did I buy? A yearly subscription to Wealthy Affiliate at the best deal ever! Since I was on the monthly plan, I just cut my monthly expenses from $47 monthly to $25 - that's nearly half the cost! I am ce
November 16, 2013
I saw this when I logged into WA today...too bad Vegas is for 300 PREMIUM sign ups, ha ha ha. So, with only a month and a half left of the year, I won't make it in 2014...but it just puts into perspective for me how achievable gaining 300 real referrals is going to be by next year. I've set my plan in action and it's working, I just need to keep up the effort and scale up. :) I am beginning to experience the satisfaction of helping people who really want to make money online, and helping them
November 07, 2013
I know we're all familiar with the fact it takes time to establish ourselves as an online presence. But at least to me, it's always frustrating when starting out with a new website. I have done this before, I KNOW it works. But when it takes so long to begin to see results and success, it's hard to keep motivated. When I started by Bootcamp site, everyone told me my content was good --excellent, even. But I wasn't ranking. Google Webmaster Tools had me ranking for around 10 key terms in positio
I want to share a story with all of you. A couple months after I started out at Wealthy Affiliate, I received this message in a fortune cookie: At this point, I hadn't earned a single dollar online, and to be quite honest - before you earn that first commission it’s difficult to believe online marketing will truly work for you. I knew there were people here making money (and lots of it) but was it going to work for ME? Was this something I could really pull off? There were doubts in the back
I'm totally amazed at how far along I've come in my writing. When I first started out and learned that an average article should be at least 400 words, I felt discouraged. That was so overwhelming to me, I remember trying to write my first article and it was so hard. It took me forever and in the end, it wasn't even very good. I got to 300 words and felt like I could never be able to punch out another 100. When I finally was able to write 400 words, I still wasn't sure how I was going to do thi
I first want to thank everyone who commented and followed me in response to my last blog post. I gained 100 new followers in the past 4 days, wow. I wasn't expecting that to happen, but I'm glad I can be a source of inspiration to all the newbies. While I have achieved some sort of success, I am nowhere near the point I want to be. There is so much I don't know, so much I want to learn, and so many ways I can improve the way I currently do things. How I will improve over the next 7 months: #1.
Today is an important day for me. I know most people don't really talk about the money they make from their websites, but a lot of newcomers are always asking the questions, "How much money do you make?" and "How long did it take to start making money?" And obviously the answers will be completely different for everybody. It just depends on so many factors, but for me it took about 2 months of hard work before my website made just $1.20 in commission. However small it was, I was SO excited beca
April 27, 2013
Hello everyone. Remember me? Maybe, maybe not.Life can certainly throw curve balls at you. I've been busy, and honestly haven't been making the time I should have for WA and my website. However, that's all about to change! I'm ready to get my butt back in gear! I'm more motivated than ever, and here's why.In my absence, my website has been taking off--no work required. Now don't get me wrong, I spent 2 months straight working on my site, however in the last 5 weeks I&